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E Commerce Celebrates Independence Day, up to 75% off

E Commerce Celebrates Independence day, Up To 75% Off In order to celebrate Indonesia’s 71st Independence Day, a number of eCommerce in the country provide special promos for consumers. Because of the


5 Most Visited E-commerce in Indonesia 2021

Online Transactions Increase The high interest of people visiting and shopping online drove an increase in the value of e-commerce transactions during the first semester


Best Fashion E-commerce Sites in Indonesia

Best Fashion E-commerce Sites in Indonesia There are already many e-commerce startups popping up in Indonesia. They provide a wide range of customer needs ranging from gadgets, home appliances, fashion, makeup, electronics, food, and


Shopping trends during Ramadan in Indonesia

Shopping trends during Ramadan in Indonesia The coronavirus pandemic that still occurs today also affects all aspects of life, including in meeting daily needs or


10 Best courier Services 2021 in Indonesia

10 best courier services 2021 in indonesia As online businesses around the world, including Indonesia grow, shipping or expedition services businesses are increasingly tempting entrepreneurs.If

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