Green Transformation in Fulfillment: Boxme provides an eco-friendly packaging solution

Green Transformation in Fulfillment: Boxme provides an eco-friendly packaging solution 1

The ‘green’ transformation is one of the key objectives in developing sustainable economies for many businesses, and it is also the key to long-term future growth. Boxme is no exception, always striving to preserve the environment and minimize plastic waste in the packaging process. That’s why we would like to inform our valued customers about […]

Boxme launching Customization suite solution

Boxme launching Customization suite solution 2

Experiencing a well-packaged brand can influence purchasing decisions, create new shopping trends, and promote brand loyalty and the customer will return again. Creating an unforgettable experience when “unboxing” products with Boxme will help your brand stand out, increase your competitiveness and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Boxme launches Custom Packaging Design Solution to […]

Top 4 Potential E-commerce Trends In 2022


E-commerce has been a “magnetic needle” for the worldwide economy, especially developing countries such as Vietnam. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, consumer behaviors and demands changed, this million-dollar industry also had many big changes in development trends. In this article, Boxme will provide 4 most potential E-commerce trends in 2022. 1. Social Commerce Social […]

Top 5 Best-Selling Goods Industries on E-commerce Platforms 2022


With the prompt development trend of E-commerce and Internet, E-commerce platforms are becoming more and more “profitable” land for brands and sellers. Not only help increase sales and reach more potential customers, but E-commerce platforms also help sellers optimize operations and improve brand identity.  Top 5 best-selling goods industries on E-commerce platforms 2022 And in […]

[Infographic] Cross-Border E-Commerce Market in Southeast Asia


Cross-border E-commerce is expected to record a higher growth rate than the general E-commerce market, especially in Southeast Asia. Due to the crowded population, increasing disposable income, internet users, smartphone usage and infrastructure improvement, etc led to the logistics services development more efficiently and quickly. Southeast Asia cross-border E-commerce is booming and taking advantage of […]

Causes of Ecommerce Transactions in Indonesia to Increase by 12 Percent

Causes of Ecommerce Transactions in Indonesia to Increase by 12 Percent 6

Causes Of Ecommerce Transactions In Indonesia To Increase By 12 Percent Bank Indonesia (BI) revealed that digital economic and financial transactions increased rapidly compared to last year including the value of transactions in e-commerce. The total value of e-commerce transactions in February 2022 was recorded at Rp30.8 trillion or an increase of 12.82% year on […]

7 Useful Tips For E-commerce Retailers In 2022 – Boxme


Southeast Asia’s E-commerce market has recorded a new growth milestone when reaching $120 billion in revenue in 2021. And 2022 promises to be a booming year for global E-commerce. Accordingly, sellers need to prepare appropriate sales strategies for effective business. In this article, Boxme will suggest 7 tips for eCommerce retailers in 2022! 7 Effective […]

E-commerce Indonesia will have a new trend in 2022

E-commerce Indonesia will have a new trend in 2022 9

Open Labs said that 2021 was an incredible year for the business world regardless of the challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic that occurred is definitely a factor that has a big impact on the eCommerce sector in Indonesia. Referring to the experiences and conditions of the past two years and assuming developments in 2022, Open Labs projects […]

[Infographic] Vietnam E-Commerce Market Overview In 2021 & Future


The Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of Vietnam’s E-commerce market reaches 13 billion USD in 2021, accounting for 62% total value of the digital economy. The market promptly grows thanks to foreign investment capital, government’s incentive policies and improved internet access. Vietnam E-commerce market in 2021 1. Vietnam is the third largest market in Southeast Asia […]

Kickstart “Big Sales” Early 2022 Of E-Commerce Platforms


After the Tiger New Year 2022, E-commerce platforms continue launching “Big Sales” promotions. Shopee’s “Super Consumption Association“, “Big Sales Salary” and upcoming “Lazada’s Birthday 27.3“ will be 3 super promotion events in 2022 of Vietnam E-commerce. These are also the most attractive events which consumers expect this month. >>> Read more: [Case Study] Boxme supports Tokidoki […]

[Case Study] Boxme supports Tokidoki remove operation difficulties in E-commerce business


About Tokidoki Tokidoki is a familiar Vietnamese brand in the mother and baby industry, dealing in blankets, sheets, toys, tools and accessories for babies. After more than 5 developed years, Tokidoki has successfully acquired a sustainable customer source in the Vietnamese market. With the prompt development speed, the problem for Tokidoki is to maintain the […]

[Case Study] Boxme supports Dongwon to build successful custom B2B and B2C management system


About Dongwon Dongwon F&B is a Korean brand specializing in providing nutritious food products for public health. With the slogan “customer-centered in business development orientation”, Dongwon has achieved great success in Korea and increasingly expanded to other countries such as the US, Japan, and China in Europe and Southeast Asia. Dongwon penetrated Vietnam with the […]

[Case Study] Highlands successfully transformed business model during the pandemic


The Covid pandemic outbreaks spread in the middle 2021 has strongly affected the lives of people as well as the business situation, especially brands related to the F&B chain.  Therefore, many businesses turn to online sales channels (E-commerce platforms & social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, …) and find a Fulfillment partner to support […]