5 Most Visited E-commerce in Indonesia 2021

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Online Transactions Increase

The high interest of people visiting and shopping online drove an increase in the value of e-commerce transactions during the first semester of 2021 by 63.4 percent to Rp186.7 trillion.

In fact, Bank Indonesia (BI) estimates that by the end of 2021 e-commerce transactions could increase by 48.4 percent throughout 2021 to Rp395 trillion.

The Governor of BI, Perry Warjiyo, recently said that the increase in transactions was done by many retail traders who are also MSMEs.

Competition for online shopping or e-commerce sites in Indonesia is unavoidable. Various platforms also do various ways to become the user’s first choice. The discount portal CupoNation released the results of a study on the most visited online stores by Indonesians in the last 6 months. The research period was carried out from January to June 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the behavior of consumers in this country to some extent. More and more people are getting used to shopping on online platforms. Not surprisingly, the competition among e-commerce platforms is getting tougher.

If the number of visitors is the measure, there is a shift in the top two positions. During the first two quarters of this year, Shopee won the status of e-commerce in Indonesia with the most visitors. E-commerce, which operates in many countries in the Southeast Asian region, displaces Tokopedia, which last year held the first rank as the e-commerce with the most visitors.

The increase in e-commerce transactions is a reflection that the digitization of MSMEs is very important, especially considering that the digital economy and finance in the midst of COVID-19 are growing very fast. In addition, he explained that the majority of e-commerce today has used electronic money in its payment transactions.

As for electronic money transactions in the first half of this year managed to grow 41 percent to Rp132 trillion, so the whole year is estimated to reach Rp278 trillion.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused online shopping transactions to increase dramatically. This also makes e-commerce companies in the country scoop up a lot of cuan. Then, of all the e-commerce that exist, which one is the most visited by consumers? Based on data from SimiliarWeb.



Tokopedia is the leader of e-commerce with the highest amount of traffic share compared to other e-commerce. There is a 32.04 percent traffic share with 129.1 million monthly visits to the e-commerce service. The share of visits via mobile dominated by 62.7 percent, while from desktop 37.3 percent. As for the average duration of the visit, recorded 6 minutes 37 seconds.

With this increase, BI estimates that by the end of 2021 e-commerce transactions could increase by 48.4 percent to Rp 395 trillion. Bi Governor Perry Warjiyo even mentioned that this increase in transactions is common in retail traders who are also MSMEs.

The increase in transactions today also mostly uses electronic money in payment transactions. Therefore, electronic money transactions in the first half of this year grew 41 percent to Rp 132 trillion, and is estimated to reach Rp 278 trillion by the end of the year.



Second place is Shopee with 29.78 percent traffic share and 120 million monthly visits. Shopee is most accessed via mobile with a percentage of 72.4 percent and desktop 21.3 percent. The average duration of the visit is 6 minutes 30 seconds. While Bukalapak ranked third with 8.23 percent traffic share and 13.58 million monthly visits.


Bukalapak is most accessed via mobile 78.7 percent, while desktop 21.3 percent with an average visit time of 4 minutes 10 seconds.


While in the fourth place occupied by Lazada with a traffic share of 7.11 percent and the number of monthly visits as much as 28.66 million. This e-commerce service is most accessed via mobile 80.7 percent and desktop 19.3 percent with an average visit of 6 minutes 34 seconds.

Lazada’s monthly visitors were 25.19 million, down 3.01 million from January-March 2021. Lastly, Blibli has 17.44 million visits every month, down 1.08 million compared to January-March 2021.


Meanwhile, in the fifth place there is Blibli with a traffic share of 4.22 percent and a total of 16.99 million monthly visits. Blibli is most widely accessed via mobile with a portion of 64.7 percent and desktop 35.3 percent with an average visit duration of 3 minutes.

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