10 Best courier Services 2021 in Indonesia

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10 best courier services 2021 in indonesia

As online businesses around the world, including Indonesia grow, shipping or expedition services businesses are increasingly tempting entrepreneurs.If there used to be only a few services such as POs and Tiki, now shipping service companies are growing rapidly and increasing in Indonesia.

Nowadays there is no need to be confused anymore when wanting domestic and foreign goods. Because in Indonesia there are quite a lot of expedition companies that provide such services.

As for sending goods domestically has a very easy way, it is different if shipping abroad. In addition to the requirements and different send processes, the selection of espedisi is also so because not all have services that can send internationally.

Although there are quite a lot of goods delivery services abroad with a guarantee of safe and certainly arrived, but about shipping rates are quite varied. Therefore we recommend to all of you to check the rates in advance.

Currently there are several expeditions can be used such as DHL, Tiki, POS Indonesia, Wahana and others that offer international delivery. See information about the best overseas delivery services in Indonesia.Now, there are at least 10 most popular delivery services in Indonesia, who are they?

1. JNE

JNE is one of the most used delivery services by the public, especially for online businesses. JNE offers delivery services to places for small and large party goods. They now also have many agents in various areas including small towns.Since its establishment in 1990, JNE has continued to expand its network, many branch outlets can be found. In addition JNE also offers many services such as breast milk shuttle service, money transfer, important documents, and others.

2. J&T Express

After JNE, J&T Ekspress is no less popular. Although still fairly new, J&T has also successfully owned a market share to rival JNE.J&T became more popular when advertised by Deddy Corbuzier. J&T Express founded in 2015, and they have expanded their network and competed with more senior logistics companies, applying technological developments as the basis of its systems, and executing rapid pickups.

3. POS Indonesia

This state-owned enterprise (SOE) has been established since 1746. Currently POS Indonesia not only serves postal and courier services, but also financial services, which are supported by a network of 4,800 post offices and 58,700 service points spread throughout Indonesia. The services are also diverse, in addition to mail and package delivery, there are also remittance services, cargo, and others.

4. TIKI (Titipan Kilat)

Established since 1970, TIKI as one of the oldest expedition companies in Indonesia, is still able to compete by applying competitive shipping rates.Various products and services were launched to meet the needs of customers, such as Same Day Services, Over Night Services, Holiday Delivery Services, Trucking Service, Online Pickup, etc.

5. SiCepat

One of the popular delivery services in Indonesia is SiCepat. SiCepat is an expedition company covering transportation and air that was established since 2004. As the name implies, this courier always strives to always be fast in delivery. SiCepat claims that services ranging from 15 hours to, with regular rates, especially in Jabodetabek and other major cities in Indonesia have reached the company’s target of 95%.

6. Wahana

This delivery service company was founded in 1998, and started delivering packages to major cities throughout Indonesia since 2002. Wahana Logistik now has dozens of major branch offices throughout Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

7. Ninja Express

The next overseas shipping service is Ninja Express, which has its main office in Singapore. This expedition has been spread in several Southeast Asian countries and one of them in Indonesia, and some services you can use for domestic delivery.

As for you want to send packages of goods or documents abroad, you should just visit the ninja express branch office to find out more about the requirements needed. In addition, it is also explained the cost of postage in accordance with the destination country.

8. DHL Express

Unlike FeDek, DHL Express is also known by many users in several countries. To date the company has served more than 200 countries and territories, so any user can send goods to many countries. More interestingly, DHL Express provides several services such as express, express worldwide, express envelope and express easy. Each has a very fast estimated delivery time, so it’s no wonder that the shipping rates charged are quite hefty and that does not include additional costs if something happens.

9.ID Express

ID Express is one of the first shipping services or expedition services in Indonesia in collaboration with several online stores including shopee that has implemented the concept of geocentric delivery and is also supported by fulfillment center services that make the service fairly good and they are open every week and holidays.

There are many advantages that you can get when using the service, one of which is free shipping at shopee, ID Express delivery is fairly fast, and also open on holidays. You can see the full info on id express website idexpress.com.

Furthermore, for services provided by shipping companies that have cooperated with the shopee, you can use this company to send packages and documents.

That’s our explanation, about one of the goods delivery service company named ID Express which is now one of the preferred goods delivery services because it has more up-to-date technology and certainly recommended when you want to get free shipping, can send on Sundays and holidays.

10. SAP Express

Since its establishment on September 9, 2014 SAP Express realizes the importance of networking and technology in supporting business growth. First established, SAP Express implemented an Android-based operational system in its efforts. This innovation, puts SAP Express as a pioneer of Android-based delivery service companies in Indonesia. Major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo and Makassar became the company’s initial concern in the construction of branch offices along with a wide network to the corners of villages in the Archipelago.

Furthermore, in January 2015, the number of SAP Express branches has reached 16 branches, in March 2015, the number of branches increased to 40 branches as well as the widening of outlets to 200 points in the territory of Indonesia. In 2020 the total branches managed independently by SAP Express amount to 154 branches and will continue to grow every year.

From 2019 to early 2020 SAP Express already has more than 118 branches. Competing in the domestic market by strengthening the Cash On Delivery (COD) network makes SAP Express as a delivery service with the widest COD network in Indonesia. Not only that, the breakthrough was made by SAP Express to further strengthen COD services by providing an online payment system specifically for COD. The system was inaugurated on April 22, 2020. [7] To date SAP Express is the only courier company that has implemented an online payment system on COD services.

Those are the 10 most popular expedition companies in Indonesia. Of course, each company has its own advantages and privileges. Just choose which one suits your taste.

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