Boxme supports the market potential of Indonesia

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Boxme supports the market potential of Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has great potential and market in the era of digital transformation. Director General of Postal and Informatics Resources and Devices of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Ismail stated that the potential makes Indonesia a concern of developed countries.

The trend of economic recovery in 2021 is expected to be felt by all sectors including the capital market, which in 2020 is under pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even the Financial Services Authority (OJK) also targets the collection of funds in the capital market throughout 2021 could reach Rp 150-180 trillion.

Baptist believes the growth of people’s personal consumption will drive the development of retail sales. This growth projection figure is a positive for e-Commerce and Financial Technology players.

This will have an effect on retail sales which will increase by an average of 10 percent in 2018 to 2022. Half of it flows into the e-Commerce sector,” Baptist said.

In 2007, Indonesia targeted about 50 percent internet “literacy” in 2015 from the assumption of a population of about 257 million people. At that time, Indonesia had signed the WSIS (World Summit on Information Society) declaration in Geneva in 2003 and 2005 in Tunisia. One of the commitments of the declaration, which is 50 percent of the world’s population (including Indonesia) in 2005 must already have access to information, one of which is the internet.
In general, internet literacy ratings in Indonesia are quite good. But when compared to neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, philippines, and Brunei, Indonesia still loses. This is due to the uneven internet infrastructure. In some areas in Indonesia, internet access is still a luxury item.

GCI research mentions Indonesia’s great potential in the development of digital-based industries. GCI said internet-based transactions in Indonesia in 2014 were worth $12 billion and increased to $20 billion in 2015. With this number, the Indonesian government is serious about developing the digital technology sector, especially e-commerce.

The number of online shoppers continues to increase. In 2014 Indonesia had 4.6 million online buyers, reaching 5.9 million in 2015. SingPost predicts Indonesia will reach 8.7 million buyers in 2016. As many as 20 percent of online shoppers will still access conventional online shopping sites like Lazada or Zalora, while another 26.4 percent will search and shop via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. While the remaining 26.6 percent still make use of online forums such as kaskus or OLX, the rest will be shopping via BBM, Whatsapp, or line.

In addition, Baptist also said that from 2017 to 2030, Indonesia will experience an increase in consumption of US$1.3 trillion or around Rp 19.5 trillion to US$1.9 trillion or around Rp 28.3 trillion. This fantastsi figure is due to the development of the amount of income of Indonesians per year.

Ministry of Communication and Information spokesman Ismail Cawidu said Indonesia’s e-commerce market has a growth of 50 percent per year. “Indonesia will be the largest e-commerce market in Southeast Asia by 2020,” he told The Sunday Times

E-commerce in Indonesia is not without problems. Research from McKinsey mentions consumers in Indonesia are loyal brands, meaning they only buy and consume products that have been known and rarely changed brands. This is what makes new entrepreneurs or new brands a bit difficult to develop.

With some research data boxme has services to support the indonesian market. By using boxme the resellers can increase sales to southeast Asia. Service that we provide from warehousing, packing, shipping, and customer service that is ready to serve you.

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About Boxme: Boxme is the premier E-commerce fulfillment network in Southeast Asia, enabling world-wide merchants to sell online into this region without needing to establish a local presence. We deliver our services by aggregating and operating a one-stop value chain of logistic professions including: International shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, connection to local marketplaces, pick and pack, last-mile delivery, local payment collection and oversea remittance.

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