J&T Super Service, Present Premium Shipping Guarantee

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J&T Super Service, Present Premium Shipping Guarantee

Delivery service company J&T Express launched a new service, namely J&T Super, an innovation of delivery convenience that arrives on the day up to less than 2 days. With a variety of extra services on this service, complement the differentiation of regular services already in J&T Express.

J&T Express CEO Robin Lo said that the demand for fast delivery is increasingly sought after by the public, especially in densely populated areas, it is necessary to create something new.

J&T develops this service by prioritizing a faster and more precise service level agreement (SLA) guarantee, so that it can meet delivery requests with the urgency of customer needs. Currently J&T Super has been available for the coverage of Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok and Bogor, it is expected that this service can serve the entire region of Indonesia gradually,” said Robin Lo in his release statement.

J&T Super services provides package protection guarantee or warranty at no additional cost, claim processing service within 1×24 hours, up to 100% refund of postage with terms and conditions applicable if the package does not arrive in accordance with the delivery SLA. J&T Super can currently be used through non-market place shipping transactions and can be delivered via drop off and pick up only with a maximum weight of up to 3 kg.

As of April 1, 2021

This service can be used from April 1, 2021, while the SLA of J&T Super service is delivered to the same city below 10.00 WIB then the package will arrive on the same day before 21.00 WIB. However, if the delivery destination in the same or different cities after 10.00 WIB then the package will arrive tomorrow before 12.00 WIB. With this time adjustment J&T Express provides premium service with priority delivery easy and fast arrive.

Previously at the end of last year J&T Express also added J&T ECO service that is devoted to delivery at an economical price, as well as a type of self-service package delivery J&T Jemari (Pick Up Package Mandiri) which is a convenience for customers who want to pick up packages through the drop point they want. Followed this time J&T Super comes with a new feel for premium delivery.

Entering its sixth year of existence this year, J&T Express some time ago has also launched air freighter at Budiarto Airport, Curug, Tangerang supported by air freighter operator Trigana Air. The presence of this air freighter to increase the efficiency of package delivery is increasing, especially outside java.

J&T Express launched air freighter to be able to increase the efficiency of airline delivery in line with the increasing number of packages, especially in areas outside Java,” said Robin Lo. Through this innovation, J&T Express also wants to increase service level agreement to customers.

Air freighter operator Trigana Air supports J&T Express’s move to streamline airline delivery.

“We welcome J&T Express’s breakthrough as a delivery service that seeks to accommodate air delivery to be more efficient without limited delivery schedules that are less erratic. In this case we also hope to support each other and together answer business challenges in this pandemic,” said Rudi Hartono, Technical Director of Trigana Air.

J&T Express launched an air delivery service that will use a 150-ton payload. This aircraft will deliver goods by air and intended for Sumatra.The increasing occupancy of goods delivery up to 5 million packages per day makes J&T have to innovate to deliver goods in a timely manner.

J&T Express will use Boeing 737-300 and 400 aircraft. In addition, inter-island flights will be served by ATR 42 and 72 aircraft. As a pilot project, J&T Express serves two air freighter routes, namely Jakarta-Medan and Jakarta-Batam. The aircraft is also planned to operate at least once a day.

&T Express CEO Robin Lo explained that in addition to improving services, air freighter aims also to balance the courier business with the growing e-commerce business during the pandemic

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