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This detailed guide will help you with everything you need to know before going for the Philippines market. Unlock your potential, scale up your business, and conquer the region with the help of Boxme Global.
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Philippines E-commerce Facts & Figures

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How to sell to Philippines

There are 3 different ways for a foreign company to enter Philippines market easily, each comes with different pros and cons. Figure out which one is the most suitable for your business.

– Sell directly through E-commerce platforms or website.
– Limited product choice, tax/duty is higher than traditional import, Cash on Delivery (CoD) service is not always supported.
Import: Express customs by E-commerce regulations.
Sales & Marketing: Not supported. 
Shipping: International shipping services.

Advisable for common products and for businesses wanting to test new markets. The products can be stocked at Hong Kong’s fulfillment hub with various cost-efficient shipping channels.

– Import goods through a local company to distribute and sell in Vietnam.
Import: The local company will be responsible for import procedures.
Sales & Marketing: Supported by the local company.
Shipping: Local last-mile & Cash on Delivery (CoD).

Advisable for companies who want to expand and scale up their business while being in control of the sales channels and marketing strategies.

– Sell goods in large quantity to a local distributor.
– Limited control over product branding & distribution line.
Import: The distributor will be responsible for import procedures.
– Sales & Marketing:  Executed by the distributor.
Shipping: Local last-mile & Cash on Delivery (CoD).

Advisable for brands and manufacturers with the need to expand, but don’t have restrictions over sales channels or marketing strategies.

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