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Current Trends

Top 4 Potential E-commerce Trends In 2022

E-commerce has been a “magnetic needle” for the worldwide economy, especially developing countries such as Vietnam. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, consumer behaviors and

Current Trends

The Best Ecommerce List in Indonesia 2021

The competition of e-commercehomeland, is said to be quite competitive once. Moreover, the competition of these e-commerce giants, indeed makes the map of Indonesian e-commerce change from year to year. The rise


Houseplant Trend Grows In Malaysia

The COVID-19 pandemic struck Malaysia with such severity that it led to a country wide lockdown and Movement Control Order (MCO) that came in phases


E Commerce Celebrates Independence Day, up to 75% off

E Commerce Celebrates Independence day, Up To 75% Off In order to celebrate Indonesia’s 71st Independence Day, a number of eCommerce in the country provide special promos for consumers. Because of the


5 Most Visited E-commerce in Indonesia 2021

Online Transactions Increase The high interest of people visiting and shopping online drove an increase in the value of e-commerce transactions during the first semester

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