Causes of Ecommerce Transactions in Indonesia to Increase by 12 Percent

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Causes Of Ecommerce Transactions In Indonesia To Increase By 12 Percent

Bank Indonesia (BI) revealed that digital economic and financial transactions increased rapidly compared to last year including the value of transactions in e-commerce.

The total value of e-commerce transactions in February 2022 was recorded at Rp30.8 trillion or an increase of 12.82% year on year (yoy) from the value of February 2021 which amounted to Rp27.3 trillion.

Meanwhile, the total volume of e-commerce sales in February 2022 recorded 222.9 million transactions, up 27.67% yoy from the e-commerce sales volume in February 2021 which amounted to 174.6 million transactions.

“This increase was recorded in the total transaction value and also the total volume,” said Chief Executive Director of the Payment System Policy Department (DKSP) BI Filianingsih Hendarta.

The strengthening of digital transactions is driven by the expansion of digital payments that make it easier for people to make transactions including transactions in terms of consumption. The shifting public interest is supported by ease and even many promos offered by both from digital payment systems and from e-commerce platforms themselves.

For the record, the total transaction value and sales volume in e-commerce in February 2022 decreased when compared to January 2022. The total value of e-commerce sales in February 2022 was recorded to decrease by 16.23% mom, while sales volume fell by 14.76% mom.

The decline is in line with seasonal patterns, namely the normalization of consumption after the end of the year and the beginning of the year people jor joran for shopping considering there is a Christmas and New Year moment.

However, in the future, Filianingsih believes that the total transactions will increase, starting in March 2022 and April 2022, especially in welcoming the moment of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

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