Top 4 Potential E-commerce Trends In 2022

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E-commerce has been a “magnetic needle” for the worldwide economy, especially developing countries such as Vietnam. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, consumer behaviors and demands changed, this million-dollar industry also had many big changes in development trends. In this article, Boxme will provide 4 most potential E-commerce trends in 2022.

1. Social Commerce

Social Commerce is the use of social networks such as Facebook, Tiktok, Zalo, Instagram, etc as a means to promote and sell products/services directly. Simply, Social Commerce combines Social Media and e-Commerce.

According to Statista, global Social Commerce revenue is estimated to reach $958 billion by 2022, and reach $29 trillion by 2026, expected to become an E-commerce trend in the up-coming time.


1.1. Build brand and product awareness

Raising product awareness is an important stage for reaching potential customers, which buyers identify their need for a product. Embracing customer needs, sellers can take advantage of opportunities to generate interest through social media platforms and marketing tools.

In recent years, social networks have been playing an important role , especially becoming a powerful tool in branding. By sharing useful information on social networks with a high density, brands and sellers can interact with buyers on a larger scale, reaching more potential customers. And this is also the place to connect customer interest and retain them engaged with products and services longer.

1.2. Shorten buying cycle

After attracting customer interest in your product or service, unique selling point (USP) will be an important factor that proves you stand out from the competition. By promoting social commerce, the conversion of potential customers to the purchase stage is significantly increased.

Merchants and sellers allow users to know product information, prices, features, etc. on social networks. With social commerce, buyers can make purchases directly with just a few clicks, making the purchase process faster.

1.3. Increase customer loyalty

Social media has become a direct channel to build and maintain relationships between customers and sellers. And it also becomes an important marketing strategy that needs to be prioritized in digital technology period.

With rich product information and excellent customer service, sellers can easily and quickly make customers close the first deal, maintain sustainable relationships with customers, and turn them into loyal customers.

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2. M-Commerce

Mobile commerce (M-Commerce) is the use of wireless handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets to perform commerce transactions online, including buying and selling products, transfering online and making a payment. M-Commerce is being market’s E-commerce trend.

According to Adjust report, by the end of 2021, M-Commerce contributed 54% of total e-commerce market revenue.


2.1. Ubiquity

The ubiquity of mobile commerce allows users to get whatever information they like at any time through mobile devices connected to the internet without having to worry about their location.

Using M-Commerce, users can still operate normally anytime, anywhere. This helps services or applications to meet all the arising needs of customers.

2.2. Convenience

With the development of the Internet, users operate comfortably in a wireless computer network environment.

Unlike traditional computer usage, mobile devices are easily portable, customizable to a variety of screen styles. In addition, mobile devices allow users to connect to the internet quickly and easily.

2.3. Personalized

Mobile commerce is highly personalized. Because each person will own their mobile device. Mobile applications will have the opportunity to access customer personal data information (if authorized). Then they know their habits, interests, and activities to provide services that are tailored to each individual.

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3. Omni-channel

Omni Channel is simply understood as selling on many channels. This model helps reach customers through many popular platforms but still operate under one management system.

According to Statista, 47% of E-Commerce businesses believe Omni-channel is a necessary strategy for business operations in 2021. Omnichannel will be promised to become one of potential E-commerce trends in near future.


3.1. Diversify sales channels and reach potential customers

Omni-channel will help sellers expand their business across multiple sales channels, thereby maximizing revenue, taking advantage of the potential sales platforms and social networks. Besides, expanding sales channels also helps improve the ability to reach new customers and find potential customers.

Catching up with new trend, Boxme has developed an omnichannel sales and management solution – Omisell, this solution will help businesses and sellers to sell on multiple channels in just 1 action.

When selling omnichannel, sellers will face difficulties in order and inventory management, and Omisell’s feature will help sellers break down all these barriers, not only help sellers connect and centralized management of orders, inventory, stores on platforms, but Omisell also integrates hundreds of applications to help optimize the operation and management of your business on a single platform such as accounting, customer support, marketing, etc.

3.2. Advertise brands and products through sales channels

As a multi-channel sales model, businesses can advertise and market brands and products through many different sales channels.

In the booming digital technology period, customers have more options to shop instead of just through a direct sales channel as before. With the Omni-Channel model, businesses or sellers can advertise their brands and products more widely.

3.3. Embrace market trends

The vital factor for business when starting a business is the product market demand and it is always changing according to the customer needs. So, embracing market trends can first help the business survive and then overcome other competitors to take advantage of the market.

And Omni-channel helps sellers handle these problems, products will be advertised and marketed through many different sales channels. Then, sellers can make statistics of potential products, predict market trends to build appropriate strategic plans for the future. At the same time, create a speciality and synchronization in marketing and promotion strategies, so customers will know your brand more.

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4. E-Commerce Trends MGM/ KOL/ KOC

The E-commerce trend of MGM/KOL/KOC is becoming more and more popular and strongly influences consumption decisions. According to AsiaPac, MGM/KOL/KOC can increase conversion rates by up to 60%.

4.1. MGM

MGM (Member Get Member) – referral marketing, is a highly appreciated form of marketing that will be the future e-commerce trend. Simply to understand, MGM is how businesses can make customers become sellers for their brands. Thanks to old customers, businesses have strategies to encourage them to introduce their products to their relatives or friends in terms of discounts or direct commissions to the referrer.

MGM is a sales tool with the ability to increase high conversion rates. Because users tend to ask people who have used the product, so when relatives or friends introduce, they will have more trust in the product and make a purchase decision quickly.

4.2. KOL

KOL (Key Opinion Leader) is a person or organization who has expert product knowledge and influence in a respective field. They are trusted by relevant interest groups and have significant effects on consumer behavior”. They own a large number of fans and this is also the target group of businesses.


Therefore, when implementing an advertising campaign, businesses often connect with KOLs with the purpose of advertising products to the target customer file that the business is aiming for. Whether traditional business or e-commerce, KOL can influence the consumption decision, so this form is also quite popular.

4.3. KOC

KOC (Key Opinion Consumer), similar to KOL, this group of people also has a huge fan base and following. However, KOC can have a stronger impact on consumer decisions.

It can be said that KOC is advertising but it is native advertising. By reviewing products directly, KOC advertises products by honestly evaluating product details from origin to usage. Because of standing in the position of a customer, KOC understands the psychology and easily gains the trust of customers. KOC can help businesses reach the right target customers and promote buying behavior quickly.

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Catching up with market trends and customers is always the leading factor determining the success of sellers. Hopefully, with 4 E-commerce trends in 2022 compiled by Boxme Global, it can help you identify potential trends and then plan appropriate strategies for your business in the future!

About Boxme: Boxme is the premier E-commerce fulfillment network in Southeast Asia, enabling world-wide merchants to sell online into this region without needing to establish a local presence. We deliver our services by aggregating and operating a one-stop value chain of logistic professions including: International shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, connection to local marketplaces, pick and pack, last-mile delivery, local payment collection and oversea remittance.

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