About Dongwon

Dongwon F&B is a Korean brand specializing in providing nutritious food products for public health. With the slogan “customer-centered in business development orientation”, Dongwon has achieved great success in Korea and increasingly expanded to other countries such as the US, Japan, and China in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Dongwon penetrated Vietnam with the role of the exclusive representative to distribute Dongwon F&B products to supermarket chains, agents,…


In 2019, the market began to transform the retail industry and fierce competition of E-commerce platforms. Realizing the potential opportunity to expand the market, Dongwon started to participate and build brands in the retail industry, but lacked experience in managing and operating B2C orders.

Dongwon corporated with Boxme with an opportunity to get support in logistics services. Available facilities, human resources and system processes help Dongwon transform quickly and comprehensively in doing business in Vietnam.

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Difficulties in the first stage of transformation

Expanding the business to Vietnam, Dongwon mainly focuses on the B2B business model. Therefore, when cooperating with Boxme and moving to B2C, Dongwon’s operating processes and systems have many changes.

From a traditional warehouse operator brand to an e-commerce retail brand, Dongwon has been guided and used the system provided by Boxme, which saves time, effort and reduces errors of human resources.


During the cooperation with Dongwon, Boxme has continuously improved and developed the system and operating process in accordance with the distribution of products and B2B orders. For B2C orders, Boxme will store, pack and deliver to Dongwon’s customers.

Boxme owns a Multi Warehouse system and provides a system of modern facilities and international standards. Brands can use Boxme’s multi warehouses without incurring any additional costs. This helps optimize the delivery process and the time the order reaches the buyer is fast.

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Stand out in the market

Dongwon’s B2B orders require different expiry dates, especially large orders for supermarkets, trade centers, convenience store chains, etc. Accordingly, Boxme has built an inventory management system according to expiry dates, custom options choose the specified expiry dates when exporting B2B orders, this is a feature that is not available in other logistics systems.

“With the warehouse and operation system that Boxme is providing, Dongwon realized these costs are suitable for Dongwon’s business. Especially, Boxme always reviews detailed analysis reports of inventory, orders, and revenue so that Dongwon can easily embrace business results in each period.” – Representative of Dongwon in Vietnam said.

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Cooperating with Boxme helps Dongwon break down all barriers when expanding business to Vietnam. Then the brand can take advantages of resources more effectively, focusing on research and development of new products with the slogan “creating many new values for the community’s health”

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