Shopee’s marketing mix strategy helps change the “game”

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Shopee is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in Vietnam today, officially set foot in the Vietnamese market in August 2016 at this time, the market has been dominated by e-commerce platforms. other giants” such as Lazada, Tiki, Sendo.

Shopee's marekting mix

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Although being the latecomer, Shopee’s blooming revenue in recent years has still stunned people by surprise. How come Shopee has exceeded big competitors in the e-commerce race in such a short amount of time?

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One of the important links contributing to that success is the success of Shopee’s marketing mix strategy.

In this article, let’s learn about how Shopee’s marketing mix strategy applied through the sharing below.

Analysis of Shopee’s marketing mix Strategy – Shopee’s 4P Strategy

Shopee’s marketing mix – Product

Shopee’s core offering as an e-commerce marketplaces is to provide a service where customers and sellers can easily join together to make purchases and sales of goods.

Shopee's marketing mix

Shopee focuses on developing country-specific apps to attract clients. This is also an element of each market’s highly localized approach. Shopee has had a lot of success with this localization technique in the markets it chooses. Shopee designed a website that is optimized for a variety of languages so that their consumers may effortlessly conduct business. Shopee also focuses on creating a simple and convenient customer experience through website design that is tailored to clients’ preferences.

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Shopee caters to customers who are interested in personal care products such as cosmetics and clothing. Shopping at Shopee will bring more benefits, making it easier for buyers, with a choice in the direction of image business, for personal beauty needs. Shopee is a popular e-commerce site for women who enjoy shopping for cosmetics.

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One of Shopee’s marketing mix methods that have proven to be quite effective is price competition. In today’s increasingly competitive market, the company recognizes that, in addition to providing clients with a smart, easy-to-use platform that is tailored to their preferences, a competitive pricing approach is critical.

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The company gives maximum support for shipping fees and freeship coupons by inspiring business owners by offering discounted prices when they register to become a shopee member. deployment.


Shopee also engages in Shopee’s marketing mix by generating viral television commercials to promote its brand to a large audience. In addition, the company runs a number of discount campaigns to encourage customers to buy in bulk. These techniques are straightforward, yet they aid Shopee’s success in each area it pursues.

Shopee's marketing mix

The brand’s greatest strength is its reliance on communication efforts that make a strong impression on buyers in numerous Southeast Asian nations, and these campaigns have highly positive market consequences.

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These two organizations have clearly identified a trend in Vietnam: consumers would gradually transition from shopping online using desktop computers to shopping online using mobile devices. This is a phenomenon that has also been observed in China. The implementation of Shopee and Lazada, on the other hand, demonstrates numerous independent calculations as well as a level of ingenuity that goes beyond the prior framework.


Shopee is an online e-commerce marketplace that links shoppers and sellers using an application. Since its arrival in Vietnam in August 2016, the number of Shopee app downloads has more than tripled, hitting 5 million. In a year, the seller community grew thrice. If Shopee only had 1.8 million downloads last year, it currently has a total of 5 million. Shopee currently operates in seven Asian countries and has received 40 million downloads. In addition, the airline collaborates with shipping partners who have the best network in each country, ensuring that consumers receive the best service possible.

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