Reveal the best methods in 2021 on how to improve sales on Shopee

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How to improve sales on Shopee 

Selling on Shopee is one of the ways to boost revenue without having to go through several steps. However, not everyone understands how to improve sales on Shopee with high efficacy. Many people have put a lot of effort into becoming a beloved shop on Shopee and drastically increasing orders. This article will serve as a resource for you to learn how to speed up the process of becoming a favorite store and a destination for many people.

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How to improve sales on Shopee with Shopee Mall tag

1. What is Shopee Mall?

Shopee Mall has been put into operation by Shopee since October 10, 2017, this store is operated for the purpose of awarding titles to owner partners, or authorized to distribute Shopee’s genuine brands. 

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Partners who own or are allowed to distribute authentic Shopee trademarks are referred to as Shopee Mall. Becoming a Shopee Mall entitles the store to preferential treatment and attractive support policies throughout the Shopee sales period.

2. Benefits associated with Shopee Mall tag 

Becoming a Shopee Mall entitles the store to a variety of privileges and appealing support policies throughout the Shopee sales season, including:

  • Sellers are given first priority for participation in Shopee’s major promotions, including Discount Codes or subsidized prices.
  • The prominent Mall  term on a red background with white lettering would immediately identify the seller’s products as belonging to Shopee Mall.
  • For orders over 150K, buyers are eligible for a shipping fee of up to 25K.

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3. Terms and condition to become Shopee Mall 

According to Shopee’s terms on joining Mall, the seller must meet the required conditions to participate in Shopee Mall. Shopee Mall sellers must, in particular:

  • Adhere to the 100% genuine and authentic goods policy.
  • All buyers must adhere to the 7-day return/refund policy.
  • Buyers will have more time to enjoy their items, which is a fantastic opportunity to improve the service experience. There will be enough time to complete the proper return/refund procedures if the goods have a technical defect.

In addition, to become a Shopee Mall Seller, you need to meet the following minimum conditions:

How to improve sales on Shopee
Criteria and conditions to become Shopee Mall

Các tiêu chí và điều kiện để trở thành Shopee Mall

How to improve sales on Shopee by become favorite Shop on Shopee

1.What is the “Favorite Shop”?

Another effective proven method on how to improve sales is to become a Favorite Shop. So what is the definition of Favorite Shop on Shopee? 

Favorite shops on Shopee are those that have met Shopee’s requirements (which change monthly) for being a favorite shop, such as having good sales, a high customer response rate, quick order delivery, and so on.

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How to improve sales on Shopee

Criteria to become a favorite shop and keep the title of the favorite shop (updated until June 2020) include:


2. Benefits of becoming favorite shop on Shopee

Firstly, Let’s take a look at the benefits sellers receive when becoming a Shopee favorite shop:

How to improve sales on Shopee
Benefits on becoming the ” Favorite Shop” on Shopee

Quyền lợi shop yêu thích trên shopee

  • The free shipping policy is applied. This will assist in attracting more clients to your business.
  • Boost customer satisfaction. Customers always know that their favorite Shopee stores are respectable stores that Shopee has examined and guaranteed.
  • Add a Favorite icon to every product on Shopee that is for sale.
  • When customers use shopee coins to purchase things at the shop, they receive a discount. Which is a type of shopee “money” that each client accumulates during the purchasing process.
  • Favorite stores can enhance product display rates, assist shop owners in selling more efficiently on Shopee, and place more orders.

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