Boost your sales on Shopee with 16 following tips (Part 2)

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Boost Your Sales On Shopee With 16 Following Tips (Part 1)

Promote your store 

Tip #9: Join a campaign

Boost your sales on Shopee with 16 following tips (Part 2) 1

Shopee is always running campaigns and promotions on its site to boost sales and customer engagement. Products in the campaign will be featured across Shopee, reaching a huge number of customers. And the good news is, you are welcomed to nominate your store’s products for free as long as it fits the requirements of the ongoing campaign. 

Go to Shopee > Seller Centre > Marketing Centre > My Campaigns to nominate your products. Make sure that your products have sufficient information, attractive pricing and discount to be selected by the Shopee administrators.

Tip #10: Shopee keyword tool – Flash sale

Shopee keyword tool

Flash sale is one of the features for qualified shops that allows you to create your own campaign within the shop. The flash sale will be displayed on the top of your store, encouraging viewers to purchase products at a discounted price.

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Access Shopee > Seller Centre > Marketing Centre > Flash sale to create a new campaign, select products, pricing and time frame for the said campaign. 

Your shop has to fulfill these criteria to enable the Flash sale feature:

  • Unsuccessful order rate: ≤ 10%
  • Late delivery rate: ≤ 10%
  • Chat response rate: ≥ 80%
  • Preparation time: ≤ 2 days
  • Shop rating: ≥ 4
  • Login in the last 7 days
  • Number of products in a Flash sale time frame: ≤ 10

Criteria for products joining the Flash sale campaign:

  • Inventory: 5 to 100
  • Discount margin: 5% to 90%
  • Discounted price is the lowest price in the last 7 days
  • Product rating: >=4
  • Number of product sold in the last 30 days: ≥ 3
  • Preparation time: ≤ 2 days
  • Waiting time for the next Flash sale: 24 hours

Tip #11: Boost product

The “Boost now” function can get your products more views. This is a free function that can place your product higher on Shopee search. Customers will use Shopee keyword tool searching for wanted products, 

You can boost up to 5 products every 4 hours, so remember to use it wisely! 

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Tip #12: Shopee Ads

Shopee keyword tool

Besides all the free tools provided by Shopee to promote your shop, you can also run advertisements on Shopee platforms to reach even more customers. There are two types of promotion ads:

  • Keyword Ads: You will have to bid for keywords that are relevant to your products. As 70% of Shopee purchases come from keyword searches, success bidding will guarantee that your products stay on top of the Shopee search tool for that certain keyword.
  • Targeting Ads: Your ads will appear as recommendations in the Similar Products section for related products.

You can easily manage the content, duration and budget for your advertisements under the My Ads section of your account. Your ads’ performance and results will be displayed here as well so that you can improve your targeting in the future.

Tip #13: Multichannel marketing

Shopee keyword tool

Shopee isn’t the only platform for you to promote your shop. By spreading the message anywhere possible, you can maximize the opportunities to interact with potential customers.

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Here are some channels you can consider for marketing your Shopee business:

  • Social media
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Affiliation
  • Email marketing
  • KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)

Tip #14: Shopee seller assistant

Seller assistant is a build-in feature that helps you manage all aspects of your store conveniently from products, customers, storefront profiles and categories. Based on insights issued by Shopee seller assistant, you can make timely adjustments for your store, update your inventory, reward your customers, and so on.

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Tip #15: Follow Prize

The Follow Prize feature allows you to set customized voucher as a reward for customers for following your store. After becoming followers, customers can easily get updates and purchase from your store. 

This feature can be set at Shopee > Marketing Center > Follow Prize

Tip #16: Become a Shopee Preferred Seller

Shopee keyword tool

Applying the following tips, your store will soon be visited by potential customers. Outstanding offerings and good service is the key to success. And The Shopee Preferred Seller program is one way to distinguish yourself from other sellers as an exceptional merchant. Preferred Sellers are marked on the platform can enjoy extra benefits and privileges from Shopee as long as they maintain the standards of service. 

The monthly criteria for Shopee Preferred Seller are: 

  • Net Orders in the last 30 days: ≥ 75
  • Unique Buyers in the last 30 days: ≥ 35
  • Shop Rating: ≥ 4.7
  • Chat Response Rate: ≥ 90%
  • Pre-order Listing: < 5%
  • Product Listed: 100% authentic
  • Seller Penalty Points: 0

That’s all the tips we have for you to grow your Shopee store. If you are selling on more than just Shopee, be sure to check out our services! Boxme offers multichannel management solutions that can be integrated with all your existing resources.

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