Ecommerce business in Thailand: Critical success factors to notice 2021

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E-commerce business in Thailand

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Among all the competitors in the Southeast Asia market in terms of e-commerce growth, E-commerce business in Thailand is currently thriving as the supreme leader in the SEA region

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According to the  World Bank’s Doing Business Index ranked Thailand as the 27th easiest country to do business in 2019. This is impressively higher than even China, at 46. The purpose of this article is to recognize the critical success factors and investigation on performing the e-commerce business in Thailand. 

Credibility of the e-commerce website 

As the characteristics of the e-commerce business, where most of the transactions are conducted online. All communication, deals, purchases are on the online platform. Consequently, the credibility of the website has become the highest concern of both customers and business owners, the most critical success factor of e-commerce business in Thailand.

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The quickest and most effective solution for this is to outsource to Trustmark issued by accepted institutes such as DBD verified by the Department of Business Development. Apart from acquiring the Trustmark, business can further enhance its credibility by delivering the presentation of the operation, good and service, most important is to include any certificate if it has. 

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Customer Relationship Management 

Unlike brick and mortar business, e-commerce business in Thailand pays much attention to taking care of customers not only during shopping activities but also communication, after sales service, refunds, complaints and feedback.


These factors are highly cautious due to the limited interaction and communication between the business and customers. 

With an impeccable customer relationship, it is believed that the e-commerce business can pave the way among other competitors. 

There are some e-commerce businesses in Thailand with exceptional after sales service such as OfficeMate and ReadyPlanet such as 24/7 customer service channel, seminar for customers, online support videos. Such conscientiousness will create a positive impression in customers, in the end, customers are likely to come back to the business. 

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Online marketing of e-commerce business in Thailand

In the world of digitalization, online marketing is without a doubt a crucial success factor for any business, especially e-commerce ones. Widely known digital marketing tools such as SEM, email, ads,..These tools enable businesses to understand customer’s requirements and approach them effectively.

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High-security payment channel 

E-commerce business in Thailand, the rate of online payment is still lower than cash-on-delivery service. Acknowledging this problem, e-commerce businesses should be thorough and precise with the online payment process, including after sales service including refund can easily encourage customers’s trust and convenience in online purchasing. 

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Effective, high-function, and easy-to-use websites

The core of the e-commerce business in Thailand is the website itself. The success factor that sets an e-commerce business apart from others is the website. The target is to deliver a user-friendly, interesting, and attractive interface. 

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E-commerce business in Thailand owners should make sure the smoothness in swifting alter information, images and price of goods and service. The business must understand the vitality of the website, furthermore having a dedicated team to work on the website maintenance 24/7 to cope with any possible mistakes when occurring. For newly opened e-commerce businesses, we recommend checking out readymade website and other e-commerce websites builders such as Shopify, Woocommerce for lowering the cost.

The website design is another success factor to consider as when the website is unpleasant to look at and difficult to use, eventually causing much inconvenience, browning can easily let the customers down, enhance the bounce rate, and discourage customers from the further business. 

On-time and fast delivery 

In the time of fast living pace, speed has become another success factor for any business not to mention e-commerce business. 

Customers are tired of waiting long for their packages to be delivered. The anxiety of receiving the exact goods at the exact time as they were informed is the biggest mistake any e-commerce business can make. Consequently, the best option suggested for business is to outsource for a local, reliable, and effective fulfillment service that includes picking, pack and deliver products to customers.  

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There are some crucial success factors that e-commerce business in Thailand starters and owners should pay attention to when starting a new business. For more market insights and detailed guidelines on embarking on new e-commerce businesses online and offline, there are various articles you can have a look at. 

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