The most popular E-commerce platforms in Thailand

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The internet penetration rate and usage time in Thailand are higher than the global average. Statistics show that 69% of Thai people have access to the internet and almost all of them are social media users as well.

It is considered a golden opportunity for online sellers to reach more Thai consumers, including foreign entrepreneurs wishing to enter the country. Boxme Global has compiled all the popular platforms that Thai consumers use the most here.

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E-commerce Marketplaces

The E-commerce landscape in Thailand is dominated by two regional players: Lazada and Shopee, with each platform gaining more than 10 million visits each month. 


The most popular E-commerce platforms in Thailand 1

After Alibaba took over Lazada just a few years ago, Lazada has become the most popular marketplace in Thailand because of its easy-to-use system and company policies that give confidence to both buyers and sellers. Online buyers have access to a variety of local and international products from this platform. 


The most popular E-commerce platforms in Thailand 2

In direct competition with Lazada, Shopee is also an infamous marketplace website that has gained trust from both sellers and buyers. By hosting monthly sales campaigns and interactive activities, Shopee is gradually making online shopping a frequent habit for Thai people, which also boosts E-commerce sales and engagement on their platform.

Social media

The most popular E-commerce platforms in Thailand 3


Even with the development of E-commerce platforms in Thailand, many online sellers still rely heavily on Facebook as a primary sales channel. This is because of one significant trait from Thai consumers: buy products through chatting. And can anywhere be better for conversational commerce than the largest social network? Buyers favor the fact that they can consult with sellers and check their credibility before making a purchase. Additionally, Facebook is an ideal place for effective digital marketing. 


By 2020, the number of Instagram users has reached 1 billion users worldwide, and 12 million in Thailand. The visual interface and “Insta story” feature have made online shopping on Instagram very popular. Moreover, buyers can discover more stores and products easily via hashtags and follower display. 


Twitter is the third-largest social media in Thailand – the channel that is the beginning of various shopping trends. Users can post and comment without having to identify their true identities. Therefore, it’s easy for brands to grow their reputation on Twitter as users tend to look into this platform for product reviews.

Niche E-commerce Market


The most popular E-commerce platforms in Thailand 4

Lnwshop brings to the table complete different shopping experiences. Sellers are able to create their own page with Lnwshop using different designs with a built-in system to manage the store easily. By having their own page, sellers have to face less competition on Lnswhop, unlike other platforms.

Final thoughts

Thailand’s E-commerce sector is valued at $5 billion with an expectation to reach $15 billion by 2025 (Google & Temasek). The internet and social media usage in Thailand is also seeing continuous growth rates. Thai people spend an average of 9 hours per day on the internet, mainly on mobile phones. This growing customer base is a great reason for entrepreneurs to invest more in their online channels. 


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