As we researched databases, the budgets for attracting the new customer is far exceed those customer retention. Despite the fact that the chances of selling products to existed customer is higher than a new customer so many times, some businesses still pay attention to search for new customers and forget to care about and retain their existed ones. Follow Kissmetrics, 71% of customers have stopped shopping with a store due to poor customer service. For each lost customer, it costs up to 243$.
So customer retention is very important to your business, how we could increase this rate ?
Most of all customers want to buy products from a retail that has simple and convenient delivery choices and free returns. If you can adapt to all these requires, it can leads to revenue growth and the purchase rate rise up to 3 times. A fulfillment system from pick to delivery good that provide you tracking number to follow shipment can help you deal with this problem easier.
You can also do the other things to cheer up your customer like personalisation content email to each customer. People always want to be take care one by one. You could find your customer information from your database or some email surveys will let you know what they like, what they concern about or what you need to improve your service and product. Besides that, some discounts or loyalty customer program will encourage further purchase.
But trying to do all things best may be waste time even beyond your ability, that’s the reason why Boxme Global was launched.  We can help you with our A-Z Efulfillment services. We provide an efficient and saving cost way for you to improve your revenue. There is no return cost, no hidden fees or tricky term , you can trust us total in both quality and communication. Please contact us at the bottom of page, we will answer all your concerning.

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