Following the international Single Day Sale 11.11, Vietnam eCommerce marketplaces marked massive records with a new milestone in revenue. 12.12 shopping festival- year-end sales were held for three days from 12/12 – 14/12 with millions of attractive incentives.

Here are the outstanding figures in the first 2 hours (0:00 – 2 hours) of this year’s 12.12 Shopping Festival compared to the 12.12 Shopping Festival last year..

1. Shopee

In the past few years, e-commerce marketplaces tend to organize promotional events to a large-scale degree. Starting from the trend of Singles Day 11/11, the floors expanded the race with bold promotion with 9/9, 10/10, and 12/12. In which, 12/12 is the last “big game” of the year to stimulate market demand. Shopee has rolled out various attractive coupon codes, sales events, Livestream sales constantly since the Single day sale.

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In this year 12.12, Shopee continues to have impressive figures in sales revenue as well as in the number of orders. Although, the 12.12 sales report of Shopee is superior compared to the 11.11 sales. Let’s have a look at what Shopee achieved on this end of year sale

  • In the first hour: Shopee recorded the number of orders placed is 4 times higher than the same period last year
  • In the first 8 hours: One customer broke the record with 280 orders in Shopee
  • In the first 8 hours: Shopee sold over 26.000 electronic accessories and roughly 13.000 beauty products
  • Shopee said health & beauty; Home & life, and phone accessories are the most popular categories of Vietnamese users on this floor on 12/12 this year.
  • According to a report by Shopee: the cities with the most active customers and higher traffic are Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, and Dong Nai

From this time till the end of the year, Vietnam eCommerce marketplaces especially Shopee is still on the course with diminutive sales from selected brands and shops to adapt to customer shopping requirement for Christmas and New Year. Retailers and business owners are recommended to seize this opportunity by optimizing the sales technique and tips and tricks to boost sales in Shopee.

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2. Lazada

Take on Lazada’s year-end shopping festival series with the theme “Endless fun” which was launched in early November, Shopping Festival 12.12 – Year-end sale will take place in three days from 12/12 to 14 / 12/2020. To meet the online shopping trend of customers during the year-end festival season, Lazada has coordinated with a series of partner brands and sellers to bring 12 million deals up to more than 50% and millions of free codes, free shipping. Thanks to the extensive sales program constantly launched such as Laz Super Show, Flash sales, Bestselling products discount program, in-app games sales. Consequently, Lazada successfully gained remarkable figures

  • In the first 2 hours: The number of orders and customers increased by 2 times higher compared to the 12.12.2019
  • LazMall: noted the number of regional orders 3 times higher compared to the last ye
  • Customers “hunting” for promotions on Lazada used more than 5.4 billion dong worth of discount codes in the first 2 hours.
  • According to statistics from Lazada: 80 is the maximum number of products in an order
  • 5.4 billion VND: is the total value of the discount code had been used
  • In the first 2 hours: Lazada has recorded an impressive number of orders in many product categories such as cellphones, lipsticks, shoes, milk, and diapers.

Lazada 12/12 Shopping Festival – Year-end sale to Lazada starts on December 4th with a series of incentives. Particularly, Lazada had collaborated with several partners, retailers, business owners to be able to deliver up to 50% sales together with freeship on many product categories. On this 12/12, it seems that Lazada has outrun Shopee on the investment in running a sales campaign as well as a marketing campaign.

3. Tiki

On this 12.12-year-end sale, Tiki has adopted the promotion program from 4% to 49% for most of the product groups. Besides, Tiki also coordinates the same price tag campaign 19.000 Dong at 0h00 daily, technology products sale at 1:00, 8:00, 12:00, and 16:00 respectively. Accordingly, Tiki eCommerce marketplaces have reported sales after 12.12

  • Revenue after a half day: is 3 times higher compared to the same period last year 2019
  • The number of orders: increased by 2.5 times higher
  • TikiNow orders: enhanced by 2 times higher than last year recorded.

4. To sump up

The global pandemic Covid-19 together with the self-quarantine rule of government has a tremendous effect on Vietnam’s eCommerce including shifting the customer buying behavior toward online-oriented. 

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The year 2020 witnessed the trend of Vietnamese buyers gradually change to online shopping more frequently. At the same time, stated by the VECOM, Vietnam eCommerce has a growth rate of 30% in the 3 years. This has open the door of Vietnam eCommerce especially e-commerce marketplaces. Taken this opportunity, Vietnam eCommerce marketplaces have constantly presented various promotional events to stimulate and adapt to the growing requirement in online shopping.

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