Interesting facts about Thai food and beverages market in SEA

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Thai food and beverage trends 2020

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Growing of Thai food and beverage market in Southeast Asia

There are many types of bestselling products in Thailand. But with plenty of resources location and various cultures, therefore making Thailand is very famous for food it has become known as “the world kitchen”. Together with the emerging healthy trend in Thailand 2020, Thai food products have received a lot of attention in foreign countries.

Although Thai products are very potential in the world market, there is still a problem with the logistics system to bring the products to sell abroad especially food products are in demand in many neighboring markets such as Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar including China also have a variety of Thai products for sale in supermarkets.

To keep up with the new healthy trend in Thailand of food and beverage, there are some businesses have found ways to sell products online through marketplace platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. And this has received a lot of attention as an opportunity to increase sales and expand the business oversea.

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Food and beverage trend 2020 Thailand

According to new technology and innovation including the ‘digital’ aspect that plays a role in every platform change today, leads to changing consumer behavior, therefore the food and beverage industry entrepreneurs need to adapt to cope with technological changes, innovations, global trends and the popularity of health care. According to the fact that, presently, food and beverages are not just things to sustain life but more important in nutrition such as having health benefits, convenient, and fast.

Noticed that operators in the ASEAN food and beverage industry are moving and growing continuously in accordance with the trend of health care. Accordingly, Thai food startups also are the group that has invested the most in the current healthy trend in Thailand 2020, accounting for 14% of the investment.

According to estimates from UBM Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd, the value of healthy food and beverages in 2020 has increased by not less than 100 billion baht from the year 2019 at approximately 88,731 million baht or with a growth rate of 2.4% year over the year 2018, with an estimated value of 86,648 million baht. By 2020, ASEAN countries will mainly focus on health and protein substitution.

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Healthy trend in Thailand 2020

Healthy food products

healthy trend in Thailand 2020

           Due to the new healthy trend in Thailand 2020 of health and the increase of sugar tax   clearly see the change in the food industry especially beverage   products that need to control sugar quantity and using new   sweetness that will not have a negative impact on health, while   simultaneously controlling production costs. In 2019, the overall   beverage market is worth over 2.3 billion baht and is expected   to grow by 2-3% in 2020 as a result of the health drink trend.

Alternative protein

healthy trend in Thailand 2020

          An alternative protein is the protein products that are produced by manipulating and genetically modified to make the product taste like real meat. This is another trend that is popular. Moreover, with a variety of factors, the production of foods from the original food sources may not be sufficient in the future. Consumption of alternative protein foods is likely to increase continuously from 2018, according to the trend of consuming high protein foods.

**Another processed product that is worth watching is insect processing products which are a high protein food that can be eaten instead of meat by providing up to 50% protein compared to other meats that provide only 30% protein. And this insect processing products have received good responses from both Thai customers and foreign sales.

Convenient and quick to consume

Interesting facts about Thai food and beverages market in SEA 1

          Nowadays, the urgency of food consumption           considered a need for urban society as well. However,   consumers still consider the quality of nutrients and   nutrition.

         As mentioned before, although there are many   demands of Thai products and they are very potent in the   world market, but still has a problem with the logistics   system to bring the products to sell abroad. Especially,   food products are often not allowed to be shipped   internationally. Due to the rules and regulations in each   country that requires a license for both the sender and the receiver, Boxme Thailand could help provide advice for large businesses looking to expand and access new customers in Thailand.

Moreover, Boxme Thailand could help you as the assistant with fulfillment service. We are able to deliver our services by aggregating and operating a one-stop value chain of logistic professions including domestic and international shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, connection to local marketplaces, pick and pack, local payment collection and oversea remittance.

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