Boxme supports foreign sellers enter Thailand’s E-commerce market

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Boxme supports foreign sellers enter Thailand’s E-commerce market 1

Thailand is one of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce economies in the world. With a population of 70 million, the number of Internet users is 52 million and keeps growing. Thai shopping culture and behavior create potential opportunities for both Thai and foreign merchants to invest and expand their business in Thailand. However, it’s very challenging starting a business overseas, and this is when a regional expert can be of help! As the logistics expert in Southeast Asia, Boxme Global can provide you with services and consultations that can make your cross-border selling a seamless process. 

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Import & Export

Starting an overseas business can be troublesome. Merchants who want to expand their business to a different country would need to obtain information regarding that country’s tax and regulations, as well as preparing the required permits and certificates for their products. You will need to calculate the amount to pay for tax, customs clearance, and other fees if necessary.

In Thailand, the tax & duty threshold is Thai bath (THB) 1500, which is approximately USD 45. The import duty fluctuates from 0% to 30%, with electronics as a duty-free category.


Warehousing is an essential part of E-commerce where orders are stocked, processed and shipped out. Unless your choice is using expensive cross-border shipping whenever there is an order placed, foreign businesses need to find a warehouse in the destination country. Setting up a warehouse of your own requires a huge upfront investment, and we are not sure that is the right decision for new brands entering the market.

Boxme supports foreign sellers enter Thailand’s E-commerce market 2

Boxme warehouse in Thailand is located in Bangkok, the capital city and distribution centers throughout the country. With an area of 1500 square meters, our warehouse can cater to any demand no matter big or small. Boxme’s warehouse management system also gives you real-time updates about stock and shipment status, paired with dedicated staff to bring you a smooth logistics experience. 

Integration System

Keeping track of your inventory and sales across various sales channels individually can be tedious and frustrating. For cross-border selling, you might have to either do it manually or create your own system to support the business. Otherwise, you can seek help from Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies like Boxme who could help online sellers integrate, sync information and manage orders across E-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, and much more into one single place!

Cross-Border Fulfillment

Manually processing orders can be tedious and wasting-time as sales traffic starts to surge as the picking and packing process will likely to be delayed in tandem with the large volume of orders coming in. In times like this, finding a reliable and affordable cross-border courier service will be required for international sales. Most merchants experience operations overload when they work on their own, and it gets even harder when you start expanding outside of your country.

Boxme supports foreign sellers enter Thailand’s E-commerce market 3

Fulfillment is the steps involved in receiving, processing, and delivering orders to customers. Boxme usually provides fulfillment services to other parties such as manufacturers and online sellers. After an order is placed by the customer, the order information will be transferred to the fulfillment center to pick and pack, which are then labeled for shipment. 

Last-Mile Delivery & CoD

The final step to E-commerce sales is the order delivery to customers’ addresses. Merchants need to prepare and identify the suitable courier services for their products in terms of price and time. 

Boxme supports foreign sellers enter Thailand’s E-commerce market 4

Cash on Delivery (CoD) is the most popular payment method across Southeast Asia, and Thailand is no exception. Do you know adding Cash on Delivery option can help you skyrocket your sales by 5-10 times? Your customers will feel much more confident in purchasing your products if you let them pay after the delivery.

However, with overseas sales, CoD payment is a difficulty for merchants as they are not physically there to collect the money. Thus we offer a solution: let Boxme handle all of that while you can get weekly or daily money remittance from payment gateways that connect with our system!

Boxme Support

E-commerce merchants can either hire their own team to handle the manual work or outsource to a 3PL company like Boxme.

We operate a one-stop value chain of logistics professions including:

  • International shipping
  • Customs clearance
  • Pick, pack & warehouse in local markets (local fulfillment
  • Last-mile delivery & Cash on Delivery collection
  • Connect & auto-sync orders with local E-commerce marketplaces
  • Local & oversea money remittance
  • Support to penetrate Southeast Asia markets

Boxme has a global warehouse network spanning across 4 Southeast Asian countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Along with fulfillment centers in the US and Hong Kong, going global is only a few simple steps away!

Our warehouses offer two types of storage conditions: normal storage for conventional products, and cool storage (25ºC) for temperature-sensitive products like cosmetics and supplements.

Using the Boxme Integration System, merchants can easily expand into new markets in another country without having to go through the tedious process involving tax, regulations and duties of different countries.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch up with the growing Internet economy of Thailand! Consult with us today!


Boxme is the premier cross-border e-Commerce fulfillment network in Southeast Asia, enabling world-wide merchants to sell online into this region without needing to establish a local presence. We deliver our services by aggregating and operating a one-stop value chain of logistic professions including: International shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, connection to local marketplaces, pick and pack, last-mile delivery, local payment collection and oversea remittance.

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