How to choose the right courier service? Here are tips you need to know

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Currently, the promotion of economic exchange and growing freight forwarding services has created conditions for the rapid clearance of goods between regions and regions around the world.

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This has led to the creation of many different courier service companies in the market. Therefore, retailers seem to have a wider range of choice. However, it also makes their choice of partners more difficult because there are so too many courier service companies in the market. 

Let’s Boxme suggest readers with the evaluation criteria for a reputable and professional international logistics service company.

Here are some tips retailers should consider when choosing courier service:

1. Reasonable and clear service charges

Service fee is definitely the first and foremost concern for any individuals or business owners when choosing courier service partners. Consequently, this is also the first criterion that is always mentioned in the purchase and sale contracts, many transportation service companies are currently competing fiercely with each other in terms of freight charges.

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courier service

This creates opportunities for businesses and companies to choose a reputable and quality transport service with reasonable prices. However, it is not recommended to choose the lowest-price courier service due to the possibility of bad quality. In addition, a reputable freight forwarding company is also a smart company in business tactics, not only showing at a reasonable price, but also has its own pricing and promotions for customers.

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2. Customer service 

Yet customer service is a critical element to assess the professionalism and integrity of a logistic company. This is reflected in the consulting price, providing complete information or the courteous, polite and professional attitude of the staff when working.


Courier services

It is compulsory in providing great customer service that the employees must undergo strict training in order to deliver the highest level of enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism right from the consulting stage. 

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Employees in each department are required to understand their tasks, roles and responsibility clearly, furthermore, responsive to customer’s requirements on time and professionally. 

3. Reliability

Reliability is always an important consideration. Especially when considering engaging a courier company for contract work. As part of your due diligence verify their pick up and delivery timekeeping are both satisfactory.


Courier service

Only by making commitments to protect, transport goods and warrant full and strict warranty in the contract  the courier service companies can create and enhance the trust in customers.  For instance, If there are any risks during the transportation, the carrier must ensure 100% compensation of the value of the damage at the correct market price. This policy will ensure the interests of both customers and carriers, avoiding arising problems, legal problems after the transportation process.

 Check if there are any issues regarding damaged deliveries caused by the courier company, especially if this is a recurring issue.

4. Insurance 

in the event your package or shipment doesn’t arrive, and you were shipping valuable goods or confidential information, it will bring you a lot of peace of mind to know your shipment was secured by insurance. 

Courier service

If it is a courier service company, the thing that customers are most interested in is ensuring the safety of goods, delivery on time and in accordance with specifications. In the process of transporting goods, if an unexpected incident occurs and causes unfortunate losses, customers always want their goods to be compensated 100% of the value of the damage at current prices.

5. Speed of delivery 

The time it takes for your customers to receive their goods from a courier service places a strong emphasis on the reputation of your brand, and this is the criteria for customers to decide whether or not to choose this courier service in the future. 

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Courier service

In the today world, the life is getting more hustle than ever, companies constantly roll out next day, Now delivery within the day to cater the customer’s need 

Consumers regard the delivery process as an extension of the shopping experience, and customer satisfaction is related to shipping speed. With advances in pick and pack technology, distribution hubs, and fulfillment centers – the industry is striving to continuously reduce delivery times.

About Boxme: Boxme is the premier E-commerce fulfillment network in Southeast Asia, enabling world-wide merchants to sell online into this region without needing to establish a local presence. We deliver our services by aggregating and operating a one-stop value chain of logistic professions including: International shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, connection to local marketplaces, pick and pack, last-mile delivery, local payment collection and oversea remittance.

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