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International shipping

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Nowaday, global trading is very popular and brings great profit. So finding the best way to ship your goods to the other country or area is one of the most important consideration. So, today I wanted to talk with you about shipping and how to make sure you’re cost-effectively choosing the right option for international shipping.
There are 2 ways for you to ship the items to customer in other country. You can ship the item from your location to each customer in the world. The second method – that in my opinion is more affordable and meets the customer’s satisfation – is fulfillment services. It means that you can ship a bulk order that include many items to one warehouse in the country destination then delivery them to your customers door to door. This way really helps you save so much international shipping cost.
To conduct the second method conveniently and smoothly, you need to answer these main question clearly.:

  • Which courier is the best reliability with affordable price ?
  • How many services that they can supply to you ?
  • If their services can adapt to your demand or not ?
  • And how to connect information between the suppliers best.

In fact, it is too hard for the retailers collect information about the suppliers and rules, regulations  in other country clearly. Especially, if you are doing business in diffirent markets, you will have to look for information one by one. It may cause some risks and no insurance circumstances.
But if you integrate a fluently process from Customs Clearance to fulfillment to Last-mile delivery in your business, you could develop your business to a new level. And we are willing to help you make everything easier. With our network services in big consumption markets: Southest Asia, China ,and US, we could support you with full and cost-effective way to reduce your costs and risks as much as possible.

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