Y-Economy (LGBT+) | New big e-commerce market in Thailand

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Y-Economy (LGBT+) | New big e-commerce market in Thailand

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It is well known that Thailand is a relatively open country for LGBT+.

Since a few years ago, Thailand has shown greater acceptance of gender diversity. Not only were there campaigns, but gender diversity characters also are participated of public activities such as television media, variety, dramas and movies in which the protagonists are LGBT+. And these public media have become immensely popular with both the Thai population and foreigner. 

Thailand is also considered a hub of LGBT+ as it is the place to host some of the world’s major LGBT+ events, regardless of whether it will be the LGBT Expo, PRIDE CRUISE, G-Circuit, bringing LGBT+ population from all over the world into Thailand.  

Y-Economy (LGBT+) | New big e-commerce market in Thailand.

Get to know LGBT + (LGBTQI)

L = Lesbian (women who like women)
G = Gay (men who like men) but some texts include Is that people who like the same sex (homosexual)
B = Bisexual (someone who likes both men and women)
T = Transgender (transgender group) is a woman with a masculine mind and a man with a feminine mind
Q = Queer (a group of people who do not restrict their sexual orientation and others)
I = Intersex (person born with sex chromosomes, external genitalia, or internal reproductive systems that are not considered “standard for male or female.”)

Y-Economy (LGBT+) | New big e-commerce market in Thailand.

According to LGBT-Capital.com, there are 483 million LGBT+ people worldwide, of which 288 million people in Asia, 60% of the world. Thailand is number 4 with the number of LGBT+ people up to 4 million people, this number is just the number of people who are exposed which means the number of unidentified people is not included yet. 

The LGBT+ population in Thailand has reached a total income rate of up to $50 billion or 1.7 trillion baht in 2016, which is the potential consumer, relatively high income which is very interesting.

How to do marketing for the LGBT + group

Simple: Brand’s telling must be easy to understand, easy to access, not complicated
Private: Create community activities with similar people to feel private and to be assertive to express themself
Equality: Create equality in all activities. Including the opportunity to decide on products and services
Classy: The products, services could make a good experience and tasteful.
Truth: Honestly communicate and be trustworthy
Respect: Respect and honor all genders and ages equally to all consumers

Can say that the new generation of people is the ‘Genderless Generation’, they have different ways of thinking than in the past and not attached to sex, and have LGBT+ acceptance than previous generations.

Seeing the opportunities that are attractive to LGBT+, nowadays, there are many brands in Thailand that became more focused on marketing to LGBT+ groups, and brands were increasingly choosing to convey views of openness and acceptance of gender diversity. Moreover, this group of LGBT+ customers has behaviors that have spread brand awareness widely and very quickly.

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