Tips for Selling Online for MSMEs in the Midst of a Pandemic

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A number of local MSMEs share tips or tips on selling online in the midst of a pandemic by utilizing the lokapasar network (marketplace) which is considered very helpful. Songket PaSH manufacturer Kiagus Adit from Palembang revealed that although sales had declined by 60 percent at the beginning of the pandemic, the use of tokopedia platform made sales stable again.

Not only that, the owner of the Medan Salted Fish business Tanoto Frans also said that now more than 85 percent of his business sales come from Tokopedia. Its monthly turnover has now reached hundreds of millions of rupiah.

As successful MSMEs in e-commerce, Frans and Adit also shared tips for selling online in the midst of a pandemic. “I was the first to choose a product. The product we have to choose is really good, which is really guaranteed quality,” Frans said during an online discussion, last week.

Second, he said he understood the consumer. The third dares to try, and the last is to continue to innovate.

Adit also provides some tips for MSMEs who want to start trading through e-commerce.” First find out the most selling product and then do a competitor analysis to determine the price. Then create brand awareness. One of them is by advertising through available features such as TopAds or pairing cheaper prices,” adit said.

Adit also explained that speed in responding to customer chat is also the key to success in selling online. Because, customers will be more happy if they can immediately get a response from the seller.

Meanwhile, for people who are still hesitant to sell in the midst of a pandemic, Adit and Frans advised that the most important thing is to start to sell “After we start, balance it with the existing features of Tokopedia. Because I believe the features provided by Tokopedia must be useful all,” adit added.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) feel the benefits of selling online in e-commerce applications during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some can even turnover hundreds of millions. Songket PaSH manufacturer Kiagus Adit stated, although sales had declined by 60 percent at the beginning of the pandemic, the use of the Tokopedia platform made sales stable.

“Our turnover can now reach tens of millions of rupiah every month. The way I do is to analyze competitors to determine the selling price, “he said virtually, Thursday (09/16/2021). “After that create brand awareness, one of which is by advertising through available features, such as TopAds, or put a cheaper price. Speed in responding to customer chat is also key, “continued Agus.

The same thing was conveyed by the owner of the Medan Salted Fish business, Tanoto Frans. Frans currently empowers dozens of fishermen in Medan through reseller MSMEs. He mentioned, more than 85 percent of its sales revenue comes from Tokopedia.

“Our monthly turnover now reaches hundreds of millions of rupiah. In selling online we must carefully choose the right supplier so that the quality of the product is always guaranteed because the supplier will be a long-term partner of the seller. 

We must also understand the needs of society and not stop innovating,” Frans said. AVP of Product Tokopedia Puput Hidayat revealed, his party is committed to providing assistance to MSME actors.

The assistance is in the form of educational materials provided through the Seller Education Center, Seller Lightning School to social media. In addition, there are also through various programs so that MSMEs reach more people, such as Bangga Buatan Indonesia, TokoMart, Collection of Select Stores (KTP) and many more.

“These initiatives also boosted the categories of Health and Self-Care, Fashion, Beauty, Mother and Child and Children’s Fashion and Automotive Into several categories with the fastest increase in transactions in Tokopedia during the second quarter of 2021,” said Puput. Puput also mentioned, with support to MSME products, the Tokopedia platform is considered to provide such great benefits to the MSME ecosystem.

Starting from opening access to the national market, providing support to local products or MSMEs to providing assistance and education to sellers. On the other hand, Tokopedia’s internal data noted that there are now more than 11 million sellers on its platform who are almost 100 percent MSMEs. 

Puput added, MSMEs that are able to adapt and have digital channels will be more resilient to pandemics. These MSMEs can successfully maintain business while maintaining the availability of jobs through the use of technology platforms online.

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