TIKI strategy to achieve revenue growth of 20%-25% during pandemic in Indonesia

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Companies engaged in courier services and logistics, PT Citra Van Titipan Kilat (TIKI) in 2020 then recorded revenue growth of 10%-15%, while in 2021 it targets revenue growth of around 20%-25%.

In the midst of last year’s pandemic, we are grateful to still be able to grow TIKI revenue by 10%-15%. This year we aim to achieve business revenue growth of around 20%-25%,

The strategy carried out by TIKI to achieve this target is to transform following the development of customer needs in 3 areas, namely first, operational excellences, namely the best quality of service with qualified operational capabilities.

Second, customer intimacy always prioritizes the needs and interests of consumers. Third, product and service quality leadership is product excellence and service quality.

He explained, the development of the internet and the rise of the E-commerce market in recent years has also changed the pattern of customer habits in interacting and conducting transactions including in the courier service industry.

For TIKI’s business strategy in the times, he said with TIKI Go Digital, providing technology-based money products and services aims to provide easy access for consumers by increasing channels for consumers to make deliveries without the need to be constrained by time.

Various products and services based on TIKI technology namely JEMPOL (Online Pick up), TIKI application, TIKI Online Booking (TOB), Short Message Service (SMS) Notification and E-Siganature.


He continued, TIKI has a smart control tower (SCT) that is useful in analyzing operational data in real-time to help management make more targeted decisions. With SCT, it allows TIKI to know first, the number of packets sent. Second, late or not delivered every day from all branches. Third, the productivity of each individual courier in sending packages and fourth, mapping the performance of outlets.

In addition to technology and products, human resources (HR) is also our priority to maintain the quality of service we provide to customers. Training, rewards and career development become one of our ways of building the best quality of HUMAN RESOURCES.

For information, until now TIKI has an operational network covering 66 major cities in Indonesia. Supported by more than 500 representative offices, 3,700 outlets and more than 6,000 employees throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, TIKI has served 514 districts / cities or 88% throughout Indonesia. Then, TIKI has served with the majority of 82,505 villages / villages in Indonesia.

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