[Infographic] The Development Of E-Logistics Industry In Southeast Asia

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The overall logistics market has experienced incredible growth in 2021 and is expected to reach $55.7 billion by 2025 (Asian Robotics Review – World Bank). Logistics companies are constantly transforming to satisfy the demands of the  digital market development.

According to the World Bank, many markets in the region have increased in LPI (Logistics Performance Index). Accordingly, Thailand is leading the region with an LPI of 3.41, second is Vietnam (LPI 3.27), followed by Malaysia (LPI 3.22), Indonesia (LPI 3.15) and the Philippines (LPI 2.90).

* A market with a higher LPI indicates better logistics efficiency.

The Asian e-Logistics market is expected to grow 57% in the period 2020-2025. Although the rapid growth of e-commerce is the driving force behind the development of logistics in this market. However, this is still a challenge for countries with complex topography like in Southeast Asia.

E-commerce enterprises have to struggle with the logistics operation management. This is leading to the growth of outsourcing logistics services, especially e-Commerce Fulfillment companies.

The E-Logistics development in the Southeast Asian


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