Tips for e-commerce business in Indonesia during a pandemic and New Normal

Since the covid 19 outbreaks have spread to Indonesia that has taken the lives of almost thousands and even millions of people. Therefore, every government in many countries makes a policy by applying physical distancing rules to its residents. In Indonesia, this rule has been upgraded to PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar/Large-Scale Social Restrictions).

With PSBB in Indonesia, selling online is a tip to avoid crowds and come into direct contact. But since covid began to spread consumer behavior began to change.

Consumer behavior in the global market during the Covid-19 pandemic is changing very quickly compared to before. This change is predicted to continue to develop further in the next few weeks and persist for months afterwards, including in Indonesia. Most consumers now turn to Indonesian marketplaces or e-commerce to buy products, in order to meet their needs.

The pandemic has changed the consumption behavior of Indonesian people. The Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idea) revealed that e-commerce marketplaces or online marketplaces are reaping the harvest of profits in the new normal. On the contrary, online ride sharing or driver businesses actually half the loss due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak has changed people’s interactions, including how to live, how to work, and shopping habits. Even so, people still rely on online shopping in e-commerce.

Maintaining Employee Health and Work Environment

Maintaining Employee Health and Work Environment

Along with the implementation of Work from Home (WFH) and Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), every business needs to participate to ensure employee health and safety of the work environment.

Ainayya, a local brand engaged in fashion, prioritizes health and hygiene in operations, by providing facilities in production houses, providing nutritious food for employees, and providing hand sanitizers and cloth masks that are routinely sterilized.

While another E-Commerce called Nature’s Market creates emergency sinks for drivers who shuttle goods, requires hand washing routines, and requires employees who use public transportation to bring change clothes.

Understanding changing consumer behavior

Understanding changing consumer behavior

As mentioned above, the Covid-19 pandemic brought changes in consumer behavior, including when entering the New Normal in Indonesia. This phenomenon also encourages consumers who have never shod online, to switch to marketplace or e-commerce. These new customers will most likely continue to shop online even after the pandemic or New Normal.

Therefore, Indonesian marketplaces and e-commerce need to focus on the customer experience as this will determine how they rate the company. To understand changing consumer behavior, you can use the Lintasarta Intelligent Growth Analytics solution.

Update stock gradually

Update stock gradually

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for basic products and household appliances increased dramatically. Based on Sirclo data, the increase in online purchases of food and beverage products (F&B) jumped by 143 percent, from February to March 2020, and could even reach 261 percent in April 2020.

As a provider of F&B products and organic home appliances, Nature’s Market market also prohibits panic buying and periodically releases stock of products. This is important so that all customers can get the products they need and avoid the scarcity of certain products

A collaboration between divisions that are no less important

A collaboration between divisions that are no less important

New Normal in Indonesia does allow companies to implement shifting policies for employees to work in the office. Although no longer fully working from home, the pattern of work at the time of New Normal encouraged companies to use ICT solutions in communicating and collaborating between divisions.

In order for collaboration and communication in the internal marketplace and e-commerce to run in sync, the company can use the Lintasarta Hosted Collaboration Solution solution. This service works just like a video conference application that has been widely circulated. The difference is that Lintasarta Hosted Collaboration Solution can be packaged to complement your meeting room with a secure connection through integration with private networks.

If Product Stock Runs Out, Offer Other Similar Products (If Possible)

As discussed earlier, supply chain management can certainly be a challenge in itself – especially in areas where customer demand is increasing rapidly – although there are still many online businesses that often forget this. For some products, no matter how strong you try, there will certainly be times when some products experience a vacuum or out of stock.

This can actually be anticipated by offering similar alternative products, which are in accordance with the interests of consumers. This can be done by optimizing the service of your customer service to take the initiative to offer alternative products directly to consumers, the goal is so that your consumers do not switch to other brand products / stores.

Hopefully with tips that we share with you can help your e-commerce in dealing with pandemics and new normal.

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