Indonesian Ecommerce Association Handles Many Counterfeit Products Circulating in E-commerce

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The Indonesian Ecommerce Association (IdEA) said Indonesian e-commerce will continue to fight counterfeit products and pirated products, to carry out removal of products that violate copyright.

This was conveyed by IdEA in response to the entry of a number of popular e-commerce in Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Bulakapak, and also ecommerce from Singapore which also operates in the country, Shopee, to the list of Notorius Market List 2021 released by the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

“We routinely remind our members to remain careful and supervise all forms of sales in our members’ e-commerce by following existing regulations,” said IdEA Chairman Bima Laga when contacted on Tuesday (22/2/2022).

On this list, Shopee is judged to have a burdensome, decentralized, ineffective, and slow notification and removal procedure.

Shopee is also said to have not had an environment where sellers were deterred from offering counterfeit goods, in part because of inadequate sanctions and the lack of cooperation Shopee had with rights holders in the investigation.

Meanwhile, Bukalapak is considered to have made improvements to its anti-counterfeiting system, including seller inspection protocols and removal processes. However, rights holders remain concerned that this protocol does not adequately prevent sellers of counterfeit goods from signing up to the platform.

On the other hand, despite being included in this list, Tokopedia is considered to have made improvements in the reporting and removal system, as well as increasing engagement with various brands to address concerns about counterfeiting on its platform.

Tokopedia has published a microsite of intellectual rights protection, implemented proactive supervision, imposed penalties for intellectual rights violators, conducted partnerships with brand owners, and run awareness campaigns on the importance of intellectual rights protection for users and consumers.

Based on data on tokopedia microsite, throughout 2021 Tokopedia has collaborated with more than 12,000 brands or principals to protect intellectual property and close more than 25,000 stores that violate IPR.

Bima added, the problem of the circulation of counterfeit products not only occurs in Indonesia, but many also in other countries’ e-commerce.

If there is also a complaint of goods that allegedly violate copyright, then the brand holder or brand can submit objections to the seller, not to e-commerce.

“Suppose, we call the American brand A the product imitated, they should be the ones who complain! Not just from the association or other parties who complain,” he explained.

Previously, IdEA has also conducted cooperation agreements in support of legal protection policies on intellectual property. There are five e-commerce that do this cooperation, namely Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Lazada and

In addition, other e-commerce players must continue to take various measures to prevent the circulation of pirated goods on their respective platforms.

IdEA affirms this commitment as a further form of e-commerce industry support in the Indonesian Proud National Movement (BBI).

Gernas BBI will try to encourage the revival of the economy of MSMEs who had been affected by the pandemic and prepare them to settle in the digital industry.

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