Dear Customer,

Boxme is known as a reputable and prestigious brand in the domestic and international market in charge of providing Logistics services in many Southeast Asia countries.

Boxme always makes an effort to build customer trust and retain customer loyalty, however there are currently many individuals and organizations impersonating Boxme Global to perform SCAM acts, appropriate property, and seriously affect the community.

Boxme Global affirms

We do not use any other applications or websites apart from the copyrighted systems as follow:

All other websites are FAKE!

Some popular ways that Boxme FAKE performs SCAM

1. Top up ads to receive attractive commissions

The scammer will send you a link to register for an advertising account with a domain name similar with Boxme’s website, it is difficult for customers to distinguish.

After having an account, these scammers will guide you to deposit money into your account to receive big profits.

After depositing money many times, your account will be locked and the deposited amount cannot be recovered.

2. Recruit working online with high salary

Scammers impersonating Boxme post jobs description on Facebook groups and recruitment pages with attractive content such as:

  • Working online
  • No experience or degree required
  • High salary 5-10$/hour

You need to deposit 150,000 VND into your salary account (Bank account / Momo wallet) and transfer it to scammers to confirm salary account. After receiving the money, the scammer will block all communication channels with you.
Once again, Boxme would like to reconfirm:

      1. We do not perform or provide any advertising services to mobilize any other deposit or pay high commission.
        2. We do not recruit staff for data entry positions, closing deals or posting products for sales on social networks, etc because our systems are automated.

We hope that our customers raise their vigilance!

Best regards,

Boxme Global.

About Boxme: Boxme is the premier E-commerce fulfillment network in Southeast Asia, enabling world-wide merchants to sell online into this region without needing to establish a local presence. We deliver our services by aggregating and operating a one-stop value chain of logistic professions including: International shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, connection to local marketplaces, pick and pack, last-mile delivery, local payment collection and oversea remittance.

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