Boxme’s integration system can be divided into 2 types: Direct & effortless integration with various e-commerce platforms via the “Connect E-Commerce Platforms” feature; or self-developed information retrieval tools with API Key.

Connect E-Commerce Platforms

  • Step 4: Accept Boxme’s request to use information related to orders, product description in order to start integrating

  • Step 5: Enable Sync Order and Sync Inventory features (Boxme will sync onto selling channels/platforms approximately every 5 minutes)

Note: Detailed guideline for courier integration


API Boxme helps ease the path to Boxme data integration with other systems.

Note: API Key is crucial to your Boxme account’s login status. Be sure to keep it safe and steady!

  • Step 1: Check out a variety of API related guidelines at to get a hold of what to do.
  • Step 2: Choose General settings >> Integration >> Create a new API Key to generate your API code

  • Step 3: Enable API features


For further instruction, please refer to our:

Hotline: +84-1900-636-068

Email address:

Or make direct contact with our sales staff.

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