Boxme product & service update on 07/2022

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To improve our product service, bring more convenient for our customers. BOXME is going to promote, value-add services and upgrade our charging structure for a heavy parcel with multiple products that must be packed with a variety of materials..

Applicable since: 07/07/2022

Adding shredded paper packaging service 

On many special occasions such as Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary,.. Or many product lines require special packaging like perfume, wine,.., customers can order BOXME add shredded paper full inside the box. To improve our customer experience, BOXME will add this service in July 2022.

Boxme product & service update on 07/2022 2

Public price: 2.000 vnđ/ 1 parcel

This service won’t apply to products that are bigger than 30 centimeters.

Adding fragile stamp when packing order

Every product has a fragile appearance, BOXME will automatically stick a fragile stamp on the outside of the parcel so the shipper or any fulfillment center will handle it with care.

Public price: 500 vnđ/ 1 parcel

Boxme product & service update on 07/2022 3

Adding record packing process service

We are going to upgrade the camera system to have a clear and details video about the packing process. The process will show ways to pack a parcel to increase the probability of winning lawsuits with any e-commerce platform

However, costs will be added to orders that required camera packaging.

Public price: 10,000 vnđ/ an order

We provide within 4 hours since requested

In case have any evidence proving BOXME packs wrongly or we can’t provide a record of the packing process, that makes customer loss, we will make up for this mistake and provide the record for free.

Update system allows for calculating material billing for B2C orders using a variety of packaging materials

Products have to wrap with bubble wrap when packing will have some below options. The system will calculate automatically.

Boxme product & service update on 07/2022 4

There will be many options for material packing such as:

Boxme product & service update on 07/2022 5

There are 4 options for material when packing so customers can choose

In case one order has many products and each use different materials to wrap. The system will calculate the cost according to the actual materials used for packing at the warehouse. The system will stick the material code for each order.

There are some special occasions:

  • The parcel contains many products which have to wrap with different materials: BOXME Warehouse will pick the most suitable material for packing
  • For orders with large products (total of 3 dimensions over 90cm) use bubbles and for small products use boxes: BOXME Warehouse will use boxes for smaller products and then pack bubbles wrap to pack both products. We will charge for this service.

Inventory service on request

We committee every in-stock product stored in the warehouse is always checked at least once 3 months. In case, customers have special requirements about checking inventory over the commit, we will charge a fee allowing the contract. We will depend on the number of employees and time to get a fee.

Moreover, if customers want to check inventory as soon as possible, you can connect with the Customer Service Department for support and expenses outside of working hours. 

Boxme product & service update on 07/2022 1
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