Boxme product & service update on 08/2022

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To optimize the efficiency of our product and service process, BOXME announced that we would update and fix some regulations and policies on 25/07/2022 (apply for any receipt since August 2022).

Regulations and policies about the unknown parcel

BOXME accepts packages that do not have information on the system to return to the warehouse, but the package must ensure the following:

  • The external conditions of the goods are intact, fully bill of lading no from the e-commerce trading floor or any carrier. We won’t accept if the parcel’s bill lading is written by hand or have a sign of damage
  • The bill of lading needs to be expressed clearly the seller’s name & brand, so we can identify and give information to the customer in any circumstances. 

The consignee will responsible for taking pictures and recording the process open the parcel, and taking the minute of the delivery with the shipper.  We will inform the customer within 8 hours of working.

With unknown returned orders, we will inform the customer and the customer has to create the returned order on our system within 48 hours. Over the time limit, we will have the right to deal with the parcel and we going to destroy the parcel in the next 7 days.

We recommend that customers need to update the information about the return order and follow right on the system to ensure the process and responsibilities of each part.

Regulations about requirements for inventory and inventory results.

BOXME is committed to checking the inventory at least once every 3 months to determine the actual inventory compared to the inventory on the system. If there are any special requirements or exceeding the commitments, the customer will take a charge.

To send inventory requirements, customers have to send us the plan at least 7 days before to the Customer Service Department and the KAM. We will inform you in 48 hours about warehouse coordination, timing, and processing of your requirements.

Within 48 hours since having results in inventory checking, BOXME will announce and send a materially report to you (which clarifies the arising differences and conduct procedures for compensation or recovery of compensation costs if any).

Add eco-friendly wrapping paper (Honeycomb paper)

To protect the environment and reduce plastic waste, we provide a new type of packaging material, honeycomb paper to help wrap fragile products similar to explosive balls ( air bubbles). However, this is a special packaging material, so there will be additional costs if the brands and customers specifically request it.

The price will be announced in the contract and contact KAM for any details.

Boxme product & service update on 08/2022 2

Eliminate the storage fee classification between the multiple variants and the regular stock.

To align the storage service, we eliminate the storage fee classification between the multiple variants and the regular stock. Customers only pay 1 type of cost per account configured according to the contract.

The process of canceling orders due to shortage or loss of goods in the warehouse

During the operation of packaging, there were some cases such as the order being pushed down to the stock level, or in fact, damaged/ lost goods were detected during the storage process.

We proceed to confirm the cancellation of the order ( Cancelled due to loss/damage). Otherwise, customers can create another new bill of lading for substitutes to complete the order.

Boxme product & service update on 08/2022 3

With order cancellation ( Cancelled due to loss/damage), you have to make a complaint report to catch up with the process, and connect together with BOXME Customer Service Department to find out the mistake and fix it.

Otherwise, in order not to generate new orders for these products, customers need to adjust the inventory on the sale channel or adjust buffer inventory according to the BOXME warehouse or Omiseel system equivalent to the damaged/ lost inventory above.

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