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Does the phrase “Omni channel” sound familiar to you these days? The answer must be “YES” as many enterprises are now focusing on this new model to make sure their profit is always optimized. For that reason, fulfillment and logistics companies are now having the best shot to soar up.  However, it is not easy at all. Are you wondering what are the elements that “new comers” have to prepare for the trend? Here are three key tips for any enterprise applying omni channel to be successful:

  • Understand customer behaviour

A great customer’s experience derives from being interactive with seller everywhere, everytime. If you want to get to know customer’s insight, then you have to make them engage. At the same time, it also helps to detect customer’s problem and promptly address them with appropriate solutions, to meet the expectation of users.

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In addition, a key point in the customer-experience tracking is to recognize the obstacles that customers encounter before and after product purchasing which includes geographic features and different characteristics of targeted customers.

In fact, customer’s needs are always varied. Different groups of customer will have many differences in preferences, purchase and return behaviour. Therefore, building an efficient supply chain for the omni channel is a very important factor, then the supply chain will concentrate on localization and making adjustments to do with the user’s experience at specific geographic regions ( customer-information security is an example).

  • Have an execution plan on customer journey

In order to create a continuous consumer experience shopping in the omni channel mass, changing supply chain organization is imperative. Companies, hoping to be a part of this trend, must have a long-term comprehensive strategy with a holistic view to create a positive multi-channel experience for their customers. As you can see in the process below, customers are very smart today. They will not buy anything in rush. In contrast, customers are always looking around for same item in many different ways. That is why enterprises have to track their customer journey very carefully to build their own execution plan on theirs behaviour.

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  • Optimize multi-channel supply chain  

Doing business on the omni channel model, enterprises are inevitably challenged by the supply chain. In order to overcome this obstacle, enterprises need to optimize their multi-channel supply chain. This will provide a seamless experience for their customers. To optimize the supply chain, enterprises are advised to follow these steps:

Integrate the inventory management in cross channel : To work this out, enterprises have to strongly invest in technology and keep on tracking status of every single item in the stock.
Flexible distribution network is a must : Is the storage and processing capacity of the supply chain far more different than the fact? Is this part managed and redistributed based on end-user’s requirements? Does the contract with the supplier and the logistics service company include the terms that can be modified?
Make the best use of the infrastructure to support omni channel : Did the all the parts such as store, warehouse, and distribution center work smoothly together as a sole fulfillment service? Can an enterprise classify and evaluate the performance  based on product characteristics such as value, sales, seasonality, service requirements and margins?
Last-mile delivery enhancement : Cargo operations have met the requirements of the product portfolio and customer expectations in the omni channel model. How come a company choose a carrier and how to cut costs on transportation while still meeting the customer needs?
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It can be noticed that in order to be successful in transforming to omni channel model, the technological part is the most important one. If the resources are not powerful enough to self-extend, a company can outsource the fulfillment service in order to spend more time up-scaling business and taking care of customers.

Last and foremost, the biggest question is : Do enterprises want to optimize their profit by building and taking care of every single department from product, sales and marketing, logistics or will they be willing to outsource the warehousing and fulfillment part to a third party and only concentrate on up-scaling their whole-hearted business? If you like the latter better and have wonderful products to sell worldwide, Boxme Global is here for you. We are among professional logistics company with the most complete infrastructure outthere to meet your demands. Outsourced fulfillment service is the fastest way to the omni channel model with the lowest risk.

Wanna win this game? Leave your contact below and we will tell you HOW!

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