Introduced earlier this month on a nationwide scale, Boxme’s affordable single order shipping/dropshipping service aims strictly at those who are practicing cross-border selling to US market.

Billed as ‘ultra affordable, fast and secured’, our service operates to rid customers of the risks usually tie to international shipping. Plenty of upsides can be expected, include:

Just with a few clicks and follow the guideline below, you yourself can create a shipment to the US. Easy as it gets!

How to create your USPS single order shipment

Watch this short clip and learn how to create your order within a minute!

[googleapps domain=”drive” dir=”file/d/1OJliRU9nDaE3t9_ORTIXI8xTS48Xvogy/preview” query=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ /]


Or follow the step-by-step breakdown below:

Step #1: Sign in/log on to Boxme system

Log on to your existing account on the menu taskbar, or choose Sign in to create a new one, at

Or sign up for a new account at Boxme’s order management system at

Fill up your information as instructed to complete your registration.

Step #2: Create international shipment choosing USPS to get the best price out of our service

Note: Please fill in the exact Postcode (Zipcode), and choose the designated City & State in accordance with your receiving address to make sure parcels are sent to the right address and fee is calculated correctly.

Kindly contact Boxme for further instruction on the packing standards for US parcels.

Step #3: Order confirmation & label printing

If you have yet to top up credits into your Boxme account, your order can’t be processed. You can save your order creation for future modification after topping up.

->> How to top up credits into your Boxme account

After successfully verifying your order, you need to print out the ID found on Boxme system and label it onto your parcel.

Congratulations! You have successfully processed your order!

Other steps

After having successfully created your shipment on our system, expect to receive a phonecall from Boxme’s customer service staff to confirm order’s information and shipping inquiries.

Drop-off at Boxme’s warehouses or pick-up requirement

You can save even more money by shipping your packages to Boxme’s warehouses in Hanoi and Hochiminh City by yourself, or discuss picking up with our staff (fee depends on your address, will be no more than $1.3 or completely free should you choose to ship multiple packages)

Checking packages

Boxme will double check your packages at our Fulfillment Center to make sure they are up to standards and fitting with their description on our system.

Note: Packages’s weight will be re-calculated before their departure from our warehouse. Should they exceed your former declaration and affect shipping fee anyhow, we will notify you at once.

Shipment tracking

You can easily track upon your shipment, as well as send tracking reports to your customers on our system AND USPS system with your provided ID code.

Returned orders handling

USPS claims to send your packages to your requested address, and contact receiver based on the phone number and the email address you have provided early on.

However, in the case of orders being returned, Boxme will keep you supported by sending your packages back to our warehouses, so that you have time to determine other shipping solutions i.e. Update your information (suppose the one you filled in before be deemed incorrect), Choosing a new receiving address, Sending products back to Vietnam or Render products obsolete to avoid backing fee.

If you conclude the matter was caused by our delivery partner, Boxme can also assist you in your reclaimation process.



For further instruction, please refer to our:
Hotline: +84-1900-636-068
Email address: [email protected]

Or make direct contact with our sales staff.

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