[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The order execution process is one of the most, if not THE most, significant stages in the operations of an online e-commerce shop, especially for customers, who are eagerly waiting for their shipment to arrive.

In order for casual buyers to become loyal customers, one should focus not only on attracting them to the shop but also on great during-and-after-sales service, so that they have positive memories regarding your shop and the order execution. What should we bear in mind?

How does the order execution process in an online e-commerce shop work? 1

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Stages of the order execution

Customers have the first contact with your shop when they choose products and then several next when their order is completed and a payment for it is made. Right after making a payment, an order is given the unhandled status in the e-commerce system. After that, the entire process will be connected with logistics starts.

The order execution process starts once all data has been completed correctly. If products are in stock, they will start to be collected, i.e. a warehouseman who has been assigned an order will proceed to collect the products that have been specified in that order.

After that, all products are placed on a packaging table; a packer closes a given package, double checks to see whether all the information is correct and then prepares the package for a courier. At the same time, a label for the courier is generated in accordance with the form of shipment selected by the customers. The ready package waits for the arrival of the courier in a specially designated zone and then it is released to them. Following this, the order status changes to the executed status and the customer gets his hands on the package usually within 24 to 48 hours.

How does the order execution process in an online e-commerce shop work? 2

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Although it seems that the process connected with logistics is not very important, keep in mind that everything exerts an influence on the customer’s impressions. This part is in fact very significant from a consumer’s perspective, as customers have already done everything required on their part: Chosen the goods, made payment for them and now only wait for their shipment. The time of the order execution, packaging quality and information that customers receive in the course of the order execution all have an influence on their overall brand experience, and on whether they will place a new order in the same shop again. Therefore, it is critical that these experiences are positive as a result of the best possible order execution. Efficient logistics therefore contributes to the ultimate goal that customers are satisfied at each stage of the order execution.

The most frequent statuses, which appear in the course of the order execution in popular shop platforms, are as follows:

How does the order execution process in an online e-commerce shop work? 3

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How can we manage it effectively?

It is worth dividing the execution processes into smaller stages, as then we will be able to evaluate each step separately and check the results it brings.

According to statistics, apart from the price, customers draw the most attention to order execution speed, packaging, time of delivery and contact with a seller at each stage of the order execution.

How does the order execution process in an online e-commerce shop work? 4

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Customers often call to ask what the status of an order means, where the package is, whether money from their payment have been obtained, etc. It is, therefore, worth training employees so that they answer all inquires patiently and help customers not only before the purchase but also after the completion of a transaction.

Customers who are satisfied are the customers who will for sure return to our shop. An improved logistics process is also very important for an online shop since due to process optimisation the shop may work faster and handle more orders daily, frequently saving time and money (e.g. on hiring new staff). If you have any problems with it, you can always delegate the overall fulfillment issues to specialists and you can deal with what you do best, i.e. sales.



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