Crowdfunding on Kickstarter: Introduction and Solution

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Boxme Global set out to provide an optimized solution to save product delivery cost in a global scale,  and in the process, ease the path to the last milestone of any crowdfunding campaigns.



Since around the start of the decade, ‘crowdfunding’ has been a fuzzword in the startup industry. However, things were pretty different in the early 2000’s. Back then, the concept seemed vague and, at worst, impossible – while the idea of funding a project through multiple small donations was within grasp in many’s book, there was simply no practical way of making it a reality in a systematic manner.

Then Kickstarter happened.

Launched in 2009 in New York by the trio of Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler, Kickstarter was established with a clear mission, to ‘help bring creative projects to life’.

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter: Introduction and Solution 1

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Initially aimed solely at the arts and creative industries, Kickstarter was successfully used to fund films like ‘Wish I Was Here’, publish games such as ‘Pillars of Eternity’ (a fantasy role-playing game series aimed at those Diablo addicts), and even brought to life a ‘Mini Museum’ (a project in which genuine rare specimens and curiosities were artfully arranged and encased in acrylic for display purposes) – a prime example of a project so adored it was able to spawn two follow-up campaigns and raised more than $3.2m in the process.

Exclusivity, to much relief, is a thing of the past now. Today, anyone temps to bring forth a good entrepreneurial idea or a promising product of any kind can give it a go – as long as it is a project with a clear goal that will eventually be completed.

Technology projects, in particular, are increasing in popularity, though their success rate is still a tad behind other more sought-after categories like Games and Design. With that said, the two highest-funded campaigns to date, ironically, were both technology projects: Pebble Time, a “Smart” watch, and The Coolest Cooler, a souped-up integrated coolbox, which raised over $20m and $13m respectively.

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter: Introduction and Solution 2

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On Kickstarter, a project will typically be launched for a set duration of 30 days, in which backers (any would-be investors from practically everywhere around the globe) can pledge money towards a project, in return for a reward.

Before launch, a funding goal is set. This can be any amount but should be the minimum amount required to bring the project to life. Because Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform – if you don’t hit your target, you go home empty-handed – careful consideration should go into the setting of funding goals. Too low and you might not raise enough to make your idea a reality and subsequently give your rewards to backers; too high and you might end up with absolutely nothing for all those efforts.

Speaking of rewards, these can be anything but are typically the products you are trying to get off the ground themselves, and they can be deemed as a form of pre-ordering. For instance, if your Kickstarter product is a computing hardware, you’d offer a sample of that hardware as a reward. You can also create multiple reward ‘combos’ or ‘giftsets’, for instance, a signed copy or a book with a ‘special edition’ cover – the higher the pledge amount, the higher value the reward should be. The same situation is applied for bundles of products.

Which brings us to the main problem in the aftermath: The distribution of products after a successful campaign. As already said, backers could be anyone from anywhere around the world, so delivering finished products to each one of them in precise and timely fashion could prove to be quite a headache. Also doesn’t make it any easier for Kickstarter project managers is the fact that once products got packed and sent away, shipping fees, taxes/duties and other similar matters would start to creep in.

And this is exactly where Boxme Global comes into play.

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter: Introduction and Solution 3

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Understanding the troublesome process of taking your crowdfunded product to where it is needed, Boxme Global set out to level boundaries and help ease the path to the last milestone of any crowdfunding campaigns.

After all, crowdfunding has never been just about raising fund. Those who succeed at turning their brainchild into practical and established brands with the help from supporters all over the world are tasked with the last and arguably most important mission of fulfilling their initial promise – by delivering the rewards to backers. Stemming from the need to do so precisely, all the while minimizing costs and retaining profits after such a lengthy and tiring operation, Boxme came up with the insightful fulfillment solution tailor-made for crowdfunding projects of any kind. Let us help you design an optimized plan to ship your finished products to multiple markets in the world!

A quick break-down of how we planned to do it:

  • Product Sourcing: Leverage our extensive connection network and choose the most appropriate producers capable of turning your raw materials into manufactured substance.
  • Estimation & Planning: False estimation at any step after produce may very well lead to redundancy, along with dozens of other problems. Why waste time cleaning up the mess when you could delegate the tasks of coming up with a plan designated to best suit your capability to us?
  • Pick, Pack & Delivery: As with every single one of our fulfillment services, we are in charge of picking up, storing, packaging and labeling your products in a well-cared manner before shipping them worldwide. We also handle bundles and giftsets according to creators’ requests. Leave manual labors to the professionals.
  • Return Handling: Last but certainly not least, Boxme takes care of your products in case of returning as well, and at 50% off of initial shipping fee!

We offer our customers an all-in-one, highly comprehensive platform where you can compare shipping costs, choose among various couriers, manage inventory, track and trace your every shipment and more.

In the past, several crowdfunding projects with delivery-in-need products aimed at foreign markets had failed to come into fruition when troubling tax & duty procedures got in the way. Fortunately, things have changed for the better. With the help from the system along with a wide range of legal persons already presented in countries all across Southeast Asia, we have been able to figure out ways to deal with that. With such helpful insights from outside and within targeted markets, your painful task has officially been reduced to mere triviality – and that is not such a bad thing at all!

But that’s not everything! We help you save every penny on logistics by helping you connect to a wide network of posts and delivery service providers worldwide with regular promotions that help you save over 50% delivery cost.




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