Must-have checklists to start E-commerce in Thailand.

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Expanding business to new markets is not as difficult as before. However, each market has different consumption culture, both popular products and the way to reach customers in those markets are different. If a business wants to start an E-commerce business in a new market, it is necessary to learn the culture and popularity of customers and consumers in the market.

Learn market to start E-commerce in Thailand

Top product category in Thailand

Nowadays, Thai people are more likely to take care of their health and those around them. In recent years, health and beauty products are more popular and along with the saving-world trend, both of these trends are the result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

And according to the fact that many people decided to live at home rather than to do outdoor activities, result in paying more attention to home decoration, at one point, plants and home accessories were very popular. Moreover, there are actors and public influencers showing their lifestyle at accomadation, thus being a major spark for this trend.

Although at present, the epidemic situation in Thailand is much better but Thais still pay more attention to health products and home appliances. Another effect of quarantine at home for a long time and after the COVID situation began to loosen, outdoor activities have become gotten a lot of attention again. Popular outdoor activities are activities that they can do on their own or with a small group of people, such as going to an art gallery or skateboarding.

Popular Selling Channel

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