Boxme always wants customers to feel safe when using our service so we strive every day to optimize the operation process of our service. For the convenience of sellers, Boxme would like to inform customers our service agreement in 2023.

1. Operating Criteria of E-commerce platforms in Vietnam

To achieve high business efficiency on e-commerce platforms, sellers need to understand the criteria for operating e-commerce platforms such as:

Each e-commerce platform such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiktokshop, or Tiki has its own operating criteria. To catch up with the operation and fulfillment time to have the most suitable retail strategy, the seller can base on the bellow chart.

[Boxme Annoucement]: Fulfillment Service Agreement 2023 1

2. Boxme Service Agreement

Since February 2023, Boxme will apply a new Commitment to services: Outbound, inbound, inventory management, and order fulfillment quality.

[Boxme Annoucement]: Fulfillment Service Agreement 2023 2

I. Outbound

Normal orders: Boxme commits packing in 6 business hours from order create time and shipped on time in 24 hours from order create time.

Fulfillnow: Boxme commits packing in 45 minutes with B2C orders and 2 business hours with B2B orders from order create time.

Priority: Boxme commits packing in 2 business hours from order create time. If orders are created before 2PM, Boxme will hand over before 8PM the same day. If order are created after 2PM, Boxme will hand over before 12AM the next day.

B2B: Boxme commits packing in 6 business hours from order create time and will hand over 24 hours from order create time.

II. Inbound

For products requiring special storage conditions beyond our capability or smuggled goods, goods with no clear origins, goods that are not licensed by regulatory authorities, we reserve the right to refuse to store these products.

Goods will be loaded into Boxme’s warehouse within 48 hours since the shipment status is changed to “Received at the warehouse” .

For bulky, specific products that require special support, please contact our sales department or send inquiries to [email protected] for support.

III. Inventory Management

Inventory Accuracy: Periodically check the inventory once a quarter and compare the inventory difference between the system and the actual. This is including cases of damage when stored at the warehouse.

Inventory Report: Boxme will send inventory reports of aging stock, expiry reports, and slow-moving once a week.

IV. Order fulfillment quality

Orders are packed properly: Boxme’s KPI will calculate based on wrong/missing items and wrong packaging standard.

Returns/Unknow parcels are provided in accordance with the regulations: Boxme will calculate based on claims such as: providing missing order information or late delivery of order information

Returns inbound: Boxme will handle problem in 24 hours

3. Conclusion

Boxme always makes constant efforts to improve service quality, applies automatic indexing systems to fully transparent the operation process, and listens to suggestions from customers.

In 2023, in addition to announcing a new service performance index, we will apply ISO 9001 standards and processes to ensure stable and seamless operation for customers.

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[Boxme Annoucement]: Fulfillment Service Agreement 2023 3

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