Boxme’s order management page boasts a user-friendly interface, allows for smooth maneuvering and automated archive and identification of warehouse addresses. To get started, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account at:

Step 2: From the “Orders” tab on the menu taskbar, select “Upload multi order (csv/xls)”

Step 3: Select a spreadsheet file (Excel) to upload to our system

Step 4: Select your desired warehouse – yours or Boxme’s

Step 5: Choose among three Excel templates to download according to your selling purpose:

  1. Shipping template: For those who wish to self-fulfill and send packages from their warehouses
  2. Fulfillment template: For those whose products are currently stored at Boxme’s warehouse and wish to have them transferred from there.
  3. Cross-border template: For those who wish to send their packages abroad.

Step 6: Select the appropriate product

Step 7: Orders and payment method confirmation

Step 8: Complete and label the package (exclusive for those who don’t ship packages from Boxme’s warehouses)

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