Finding a good product to sell online is a very challenging job. There are thousands of options that can make you confused; which is why these following 8 tips may help you to find your perfect product to succeed with you Shopify selling.

  1. Explore opportunities in the Keywords
  2. Build an interesting and attractive brand
  3. Find out “painpoint” and solve it
  4. Identify and serve a community passion
  5. Follow your own passion
  6. Find the hole in the market
  7. Use your experience and expertise
  8. Take advantage of new trends

Each of the ideas above involves a different way of thinking and approach. Check out every detail:

Free search traffic is a versatile key for ecommerce. If done correctly, Google and other search engines will give you consistent and targeted traffic. As advertising channels are becoming more expensive these days, this is the way to make money via organic traffic(non-paid traffic). To use this method, you need to have a certain skill and knowledge in the field of SEO.

Use keyword research tools to find your search traffic and navigate to your sales page. This will help it stay in top spot on Google or Bing. After that, customers will find your product without any advertising costs.

Unlike the first method, building a brand also means building a certain customer base. What you have to do is create a different brand and engrave the customer’s mind.

For example, DODOcase.com, the maker of the iPad case, has succeeded in creating a unique brand. One of their strategies is to use the techniques of craftsmen in San Francisco. This is what makes DODOcase one of the world’s leading manufacturers of IPods in a short amount of time.

One of the best ways to build a strong business is to solve the pain point of your customers.   Products that deal with the problems can be profitable because customers are actively looking for solutions to these problems.
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For example, Jing, an e-commerce entrepreneur, knows that people who grind their teeth can have severe pains. Not only physical pain, constant grinding can lead to costly dental treatments. As he knew this is a problem that bothers many people, Jing launched product called “Pro Teeth Guard”,an oral hygiene protection solution white sleeping. He successfully sold it at very high cost.

Consumers tend to spend more money on their passions and habits. For example, golfers can spend thousands of dollars on equipment and tools in order to increase the accuracy for every single shot. Serving customer passions offers additional benefits including: strong engagement with your brand, brand loyalty, and word of mouth marketing.

Some people choose a product or niche market based on their own passion. Some people may think it is subjective. However, it can actually bring about really good and stable profit.

One of the biggest factors for building a business with passion is perseverance as it often has initial difficulties and is easy to give up.

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For example: Eric Bandholz started BeardBrand.com as a personal blog discussing about beard styles. Days after days, Eric’s passion for beard styles grew so great that he decided to bring all of his passion into BeardBrand – a brand that sells beard care products for whiskers.

Taking advantage of market holes can create unexpected profit. This type of opportunity involves finding problems or shortcomings in an existing product. The hole may be a product feature or a market that has not yet been implemented by other competitors. Sometimes, it is just about not being advertised in the best way and you will be the one to change that.

For example: Chaim Pikarski constantly looking for and utilizing the holes in the market. His team has researched the a product list on the internet and read many reviews from customers. They constantly look for features that customers complain about. With this insight, he produced a better version of the same product – the Hipe Shower Radio. HIPHONE RADIO is a complete music player that is completely water-resistant while bathing.

Using your experience and expertise is a great competitive advantage. Turning your expertise into an online business is a great way to enter the market.

For example: after a period of online business can bring his knowledge packaged into an Ebook and sell it to those who need it.

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Finding an early trend can have a big impact on a new business. It allows you to have a place in the minds of consumers and establish yourself as a pioneer, before others have the opportunity. In addition, this can also result in a big impact on Search channel. This can help you jump to the top of the search ranking very fast.


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