J&T Express saw a significant surge in shipments at 11.11 shopping festivals this year compared to 2020. The number of J&T Express shipments at this year’s 11.11 shopping festival reached 16.5 million packages. That’s a 1.5-fold increase compared to last year. For information, on a normal day, the delivery volume of J&T Express from an average of 2.5 million packages per day. J&T Express CEO Robin Lo said that this year there was an increase of about 50 percent compared to 2020. This increase was predicted by J&T Express. Therefore, it has also prepared delivery services carefully in anticipation of a surge.

The main preparation for us is human resources (HR) and an adequate fleet. We do the addition of power and unit capacity so that operations are still able to run normally and efficiently. The speeding up of shipping traffic at the 11.11 shopping festival is still dominated by packages from spending in e-commerce which reached 70 percent. As is known, the Covid-19 pandemic made people’s behavior change. One of them, in shopping.

People prefer to shop online to meet their daily needs. For example, shopping through e-commerce. This can not be separated from the development of technology that encourages the volume of online buying and selling transactions. J&T Express, robin said, also supports the availability of delivery services to meet the needs of the community and help sales for small and medium-sized micro enterprises (MSMEs).

To support the growth of shipping, J&T Express uses air freighters and order systems via application. In addition, J&T Express also provides cash on delivery (COD) services. This service can be used by customers who want to make cash payments. For information, J&T Express already has 4,000 outlets consisting of Drop Point and Collection Point throughout Indonesia. This is done to reach all regions in the country. J&T Express also provides a VIP platform for sellers who regularly make deliveries. Thus, they can be helped in sending packages, especially during the moment of online shopping festival or National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) on December 12, 2021.

Not only that, J&T Express’s latest service, J&T Super, continues to be developed gradually. Until now, J&T Super has been available in 30 cities in Indonesia. This service is able to support the increase in shipping transactions, especially in major cities, such as Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta. Although gradually recovering and decreasing the level of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in some regions was imposed, the Covid-19 pandemic is still a threat to the community.

Therefore, J&T Express continues to implement health protocols to ensure the comfort and safety of customers and employees. All J&T Express employees have also been vaccinated. The cleanliness of equipment and warehouse sorting did not go unnoticed by J&T Express. Thus, package delivery is expected to be processed safely, both on ordinary days and peak season, such as Harbolnas.

J&T Express Shipments Reach 2.5 Million Packages Per Day

A number of strategies are also being prepared. Among them are presenting a variety of services to meet the needs of customers such as J &T Eco, which is a more economical service and J&T Super which provides more premium and fast service. As the demand for logistics services continues to increase, J&T Group expanded its business by launching the development of a new company, J&T Cargo. Robin ensures the capacity of cargo aircraft can fit up to 15 tons.

He said the service will focus on delivering packages of large sizes and volumes, where J&T Cargo will reach shipments to all regions in Indonesia.
The service presents a type of cargo delivery with a fast and efficient Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an estimated delivery time of 1-3 days.

With the presence of these innovations, JNT Express is optimistic that the volume of shipments can double in 2021 when compared to last year.

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