After Boxme warehouse fulfillment was launched in Thailand, there are many entrepreneurs interested in our service. Although Boxme is a new warehouse in Thailand in fact Boxme Global has various experience providing the best solution for cross-border and last-mile delivery by connecting your business with more than 50+ platforms and couriers across Southeast Asia.

Boxme had a chance to receive customer’s feedback from Mr.Oleg Glushak, managing director of a Russia supplement company which expanded the business in Thailand that do the wholesale and retail of cosmetic products, how can Boxme solve their problem and benefits to their business.

“At the beginning of doing business in this market we face some problems and issues such as late delivery, late update status of the parcels, failed delivery, and delay COD transfer to our corporate bank account.”

We asked him what was motivate him to decide to use Boxme fulfillment service? And he said that…

“Since we started to have the problems with other drop-shippers, we started to make a research of the market of the company who can provide to us available services and actually the things that we’re looking for. In our view, came to Boxme.”

Moreover, he also told us how can Boxme’s service benefits to the business…

“Boxme are sharing with us their detailed statistics of delivery undelivered and delayed parcels. Using this statistic, we can analyze where was the mistake in our work. And by analyzing the mistake, we can solve the problem and make our work is more productive.”

“…And at the result, I can say that 80% of our customer received their products and their goods with the help of Boxme.”

Listen more in the video…

In addition to services in Thailand, Boxme also has operations for his offices in Indonesia and Malaysia as well. With the specific services that we could set it up for each business, entrepreneurs could bring their business to the new market easier.

Boxme glad to kindly provide service and we look forward to helping businesses of all sizes to grow even further…

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