When you join to selling online, it is very important to maintain your profit with high level. The competition could be fierce and margins is often low. So how could you encourage smart shopping without ongoing a race to the bottom of your product price.
The best choice is Multi-Unit Sales.
For example, when you have an item be picked and packed in a warehouse, a handling fee will appear. The expense includes labor, packing material and counted per one item.
But if you have a range of product, it means that your customer could have many choices. They could choose to buy several items one time shopping to save shipping cost. This also help you cost-saving for handling fee. When an order includes 2 or 3 units, the added expense will be share for each item. If it cost you 5$ to pick and pack one unit, it maybe only 6$ or 7$ for an order of 2 or 3 items. So per item is only incurred 3$ or 2.5$ handling fee. Shipping cost is also  the same as picking and packing fee in this case. The fact that most of all retailers want their customers buy many items per one shopping time to reduce margin cost. With these benefits above, it is very important for you to increase the multi-unit sales.
The more multi-unit sales Ecommerce sellers are able to get, the more profitable their businesses will be. So in this post, I propose 4 methods to increase multi-unit sales for you.
+ Free shipping with a minimum
+ Coupons with a minimum
+ Add-on products
+ Bundled products
Most sellers want to avoid a race to the bottom. By using smart incentives to encourage your customers to buy more than one product, you will have just effectively margin profit as lower price can be.

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